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Happy Valentine's Day!



:wub:Happy Valentines Day!


Let me tell you about my night last night. The women at our church held a Banquet, for women only, called HeartSong. Having only joined the church last summer I had never attended it before. Being a bit of a hermitress these days, I can honestly say I wasn't really interested. But, my husband insisted, and really insisted, which is not his normal manner.


The purpose of the banquet was two fold. First, all of the men of the church were the servers. The other was so that this Special Holiday of Love would not find a beautiful lady at home alone just because she was single.


There were about 20 large round banquet tables and each table had an assigned hostess. That hostess was responsible for decorating in a theme of her choice. I had asked to be placed at the Rose Table which was to be hosted by my youngest son's church teacher. I still feel relatively new as I mostly am wrapped up in my children and don't spend much time socializing.


As I began to dress my children began to oooh and ahhh, touching my lacy dress, smelling the cologne, bragging on my heart shape pendant that hung from a chain around my neck. Now, I know that they are partial, but soon I began to just feel so pretty and before I knew it I had grabbed a pair of earrings that used to be my favorites. The problem was, I hadn't worn them in so long (read years!) I had to do what many of us has done at such times...just push it on through. My children watched in amazement, they girls held each other tight and squealed, the boys cheered me on yelling out, "Man, that's GOTTA hurt!" :wub:


Finally, I was as fancy as I could make myself and left for the banquet. When I arrived, I was amazed! Each and every table was uniquely decorated, like little islands unto themselves with eight women seated. And each of these women were as unique and beautiful as the tables before them. I was escorted by the Maitre' De (my pastor) to what I considered the most gorgeous table of all, The Rose Table.


Everything was perfection! The center piece was an array of Roses of course, the real bone china was patterned the same. There was REAL silver ware and lovely crystal. A gift from the hostess waited to be claimed in my assigned seat. I knes it was mine because of the lovely Place Card there. I was warmly greeted. I met ladies that I had not known before. They asked me about my life, I learned a bit about theirs.


I felt like a queen, and then after a lovely program and music and hugs, it was time to go home. My feet were a bit achy, been a while sinc I've worn heels. My ears were feeling a wee bit tender due to my determination to Push Through earlier. I thought it was the loveliest evening I had spent in a long while, but I didn't know the best was yet to come.


While I was at the Banquet my dh and children had a project of their own. First, they straightened up the whole house. Not the usualy messiness I find when I return from an outing. When I opened the door I saw the shining faces of all seven children shouting "Happy Valentine's Day Mom!" They then began to extend their hands and hold out Homemade Valentine Cards. My dear husband had not only kept the children so I could go, but had collected construction paper and crayons and gave them opportunity to create something beautiful.


Just like those tables at the banquet, just like the women at the tables, I saw each card as a unique expression of who my individual children. They are wonderful! The cards will warm my heart for many years to come! My husband put me ahead of himself and while he could not come to the church and server at the Banquet, was at home serving me all the same.


Not one penny of money was spent and it was the best Valentine's Day of my life. I pray today that you will feel loved and that you will take the time to express the love you feel! :wub:


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What a lovely valentines day for you! DH set a wonderful example for the children in honoring others and you are the "sweetheart" of the home!! This was not only a great time of excitement and fun for them but a "life lesson" , they'lll surely carry forward in their future relationships. Good job Henry!

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