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Ergazomai ἐργάζομαι Part I



I love Word Studies!


And this word caught my attention. Ergazomai ἐργάζομαι It is a Greek word that is found in the Scriptures 39 times. These are all found in the New Testament of course since it is a Greek word.


I came across this word as I was reading the parable of the Talents found in Matthew. I have been doing some contemplating in the last week or so about living a purposed life and making my moments count.


In this parable, Jesus tells of three servants who were entrusted by their master with talents (gold,money,valuable assets, or abilities). Each of them reacted differently. The each were given a different amount, according to their ability. And then the master went away.


Story of the Three Servants (Matthew 25)


Seeing as I have been praying about how I could best put my time, resources, monies, talents to good use - I was interested to see what the three servants did and how it worked out for them.


Now, two things I want to point out here. First, when translating from one language to another, sometimes there is not a literal word to be used, it may not exist in that second language. So, sometimes translators have to choose words or phrases to best convey the message of the original text.


Secondly, because of this, you may find differences in translations. BUT, themessage should be unaltered. The Word of God is not like any other book, spiritual writings or historical accounts. It is unique, it is living, it is always applicable to our lives.


Here is a usage list for Ergazomai ἐργάζομαι


1) to work, labour, do work


2) to trade, to make gains by trading, "do business"


3) to do, work out


a) exercise, perform, commit


b ) to cause to exist, produce


4) to work for, earn by working, to acquire



Okay, I think that's enough for Part I, but believe me, I'll be back for more...I am captivated by this word.



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:D I like the way you explained it and how you are breaking it down. Keep up the good blogging! We look forward to this one!
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I am anxious to see where this study leads you. Tahnk you for sharing this with us so that we can learn from it too! I'm fascinated!

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