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I have good news and bad news.



The good news is that I am recovering from surgery fairly well. AND recovering from the pnemonia.




The bad news.


When I went into the hospital, they did a cat scan and found a 2 cm nodule on my thyroid. Wednesday I am starting with an ultra sound, and then will be going on to other tests (redioactive iodine anyone?)




The good news: Only about 10% of nodules wind up being cancerous.


The bad news: The bigger they are the more likely they are cancerous.


Then today I went to the orthopedic surgeon, for follow up and to have them explain what is going on in my knee. So...


The good news: I won't need knee surgery for a year or two.


The bad news: Most of the miniscus was removed, and there is severe arthritis I have no cartledge on the end of the bones top and bottom.


The good news: Oh wait.... there is no good news!


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Yes there IS good news! (You made it home! You still have your sense of humor! You still have ME--well that could be construed by some as bad news but...there it is, LOL ) HUGZ

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There is good news...you are recovering from your surgery and it went well...and you have many, many folks praying for you. :bighug2:

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A2N, I have nodules in my thyroid. I've had the ultrasound, and the biopsy (2x). I hated the biopsy, but all turned out benign. I've had 2 knee surgeries, one involving the meniscus removal. You can & will recover. Time will heal things, as do your PT like they tell you. If your insurance provides for it, go to a professional physical therapist--it will help a lot to motivate you and make sure you are doing the exercises properly.


Hang in there!

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