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Reality check



Today I went to the surgeon who did my knee. I needed information about why my knee is locking up.


He said my knee is seriously damaged, with severe arthritis and that I should be having a knee replacement surgery -- but he doesn't do them. He said with my weight, they probably won't do knee replacement surgery at this time.


So -- reality check. Right now I have three more weeks of therapy and I need to do as much to stregthen my knee as possible -- then he recommends that I start swimming if possible,to lose some of the weight (instead of walking and damaging the knee further)


So -- what that means is that I need to figure out a way to bug out -- that doesn't involve my cruddy knees.






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Get the pool passes out, Angela...and he's right! Doing exercise in the water will help you a lot. I did this the summer I wrecked my ankle and managed to lose weight. Go for it! ;)

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Take care of it now, or it may lead to more problems.

I injured my feet at work and one still gives me problems. Because I limp a little when it hurts, I'm messing up my hip.

Remember the song...the leg bone's connected to the hip bone...

On the plus side, when you make changes to help one problem, the bonus is that it improves other problems as well.

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