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We made it



The trip was interesting. We left at 7:30 a.m. and arrived just before 5 p.m.We stopped for lunch, and for gas (that ended up taking almost 30 minutes as the pump was so slooooooow! DD#3 was shown how to do DGS's tube feeding, meds and oxygen and did a great job. She babysat while I helped DD#2. On Thursday, I hemmed DSIL's slacks, and then made a pattern and sewed a slipcover for a dining room chair.It still needs to be hemmed, but ran out of time. DD#2 also wants me to do one more slipcover for another dining room chair. On Friday, DGD woke me up at 4:40 a.m. to say she didn't feel good, then started vomiting. Thankfully, the bug only lasted half a day (for her). Unfortunately, DSIL got it in the afternoon, but was much improved by the next day; and DD#3 got it - also in the afternoon (while watching the 3 kids) and was really sick with it. She finally stopped vomiting Sunday a.m. and feels back to her normal self today. I started getting queasy around 11 p.m. Friday evening, and was really sick all day Sat. Sunday, I was very weak, but we started driving back to TN around 11:30 a.m. DH was able to get a ride with DSIL's father, who was driving up on Sunday afternoon (to help them with the move this week). We met up around 5 p.m. That was a God send, as I don't think I could have driven any more. (We still had about 3 more hours to drive to reach home). Tonight, I'm finally starting to feel a little stronger. This bug was really virulent. I'm so glad it didn't hit me till Friday night, so I was able to help DD clean the new house and get it ready to be painted. They painted their DD's room "Cherry" (DGD says it's pink, I say it's red, but a very pretty red). I think it took 5 - 6 coats of paint. DGS's room was painted a pear green, and looks really nice. I saw the paint chips for the living room and family room and one of the bathrooms, and all will be lovely.As we all know, moving is a lot of work.

Enough rambling. Take care, everyone!

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