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Still tired from Camp Darlene

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It's so nice to be able to post with the correct date. Yeah!

Our weekend at Darlene's was so wonderful, but also so tiring. I think we averaged 5 hours sleep/night. It's amazing how much we crammed into a weekend! As usual, I brought a camera and then forgot to use it. Thankfully Wormguy took pictures.

Today I cleaned the house and then tonight DH and I went to our church and hung, our Church's historical quilt from 2005, from the choir loft. It's about 7 ft wide and about 8 ft long. We printed pictures of most of the pastors, some of the stained glass windows and statues on to fabric and sewed them on to the quilt; plus we asked our parishoners to create blocks for the quilts. The purpose of the quilt is to commenorate our 140th anniversary of our church, and also be a historical record. This coming Sunday we will be installing our 24th pastor. So now we're home and I thought I'd check in before going to sleep.

I'm going to have to close, as I can barely kkep my eyes open. Take care, everyone.

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