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  1. Staying home today. Snowing like crazy. I am so ready for spring or move to a warmer state.
  2. Sitting here waiting to pick up my girls from Awana.It was about 40 degrees today. I can't Wait till spring.
  3. Thanks again for all your advice. I am going to open up a saving account and start stashing money away. My husband wants to move from Michigan to Washington. If we do move I will get a job and start putting all my paycheck into my own account there. I am going to start living my own life with me and the kids. He can't make me happy.
  4. He would not see a counselor. He thinks we have a great marriage. He can come and go with no regard for the kids and I. He sees no problem. I have thought about setting up my own account. I think I will do that. Thanks for all your advice.
  5. I take out $100 for groceries and $20 for gas for me. What ever is left which is only a few dollars from the groceries I use for things that come up during the week. Our bills are more than he makes. He doesn't want to give up the things that could help us lower our bills. Example:cut our cable bill, sell his snowmobile, buy an older car. I can only do so much to lower our bills. I need his help.
  6. I have tried to talk to him, but he doesn't want to talk about money. He is under a lot of stress at work. He could care less that we are in debt.
  7. He was really poor growing up, so he feels that now he makes the money,he isn't going to go without the things he wants.
  8. He took a free Dave Ramsey class for work. Went in one ear out the other. I can only do so much to get our bills down.
  9. I don't know what to do with my husband. We have set up a budget. He gets a set amount for his allowance every week for his lunches and what ever he wants. I found out that he is also using his debit card for his lunches. He doesn't care how much he spends. He feels that he makes the money, he can spend it as he wants. We were $400 negative every month, because of his spending. He won't give up his nice car or tv channels to help lower the bills. I have $100 for grocery for a family of 5. Everything we need comes out of that money. Sometimes we only have $30 for grocery. I have talked to him about it,but it goes in one ear and out the other. I have made him lunches but he doesn't even eat it. Any advice? Thanks
  10. Stayed home today. The weather is cloudy, windy,and cold.
  11. Got two brown bags of free grocery from our church pantry. Also a gallon of milk. Love our church. We have pantry day once a month. Really helps with our grocery bill.
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