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    Reiki (certified practitioner), essential oils and aromatherapy, metaphysics, computers, reading, writing (former reporter and editor, and currently writing my second novel), gourmet cooking.

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  1. Been a long time, but thought I'd stop in and say hello. How's everyone?
  2. Oh heck, yeah. Iced tea should be made the way it is in Canada. Thick and sweet.
  3. Hahahah! Those tea peasants just don't know what they are missing.
  4. Yeah... I used to love bergamot, but not anymore.
  5. It is available in some forums, but not all, because it's one of the things I haven't had a chance to finish up yet... if you notice which forums it's not available in, would you mind terribly making a note in here so I can add it to my list of things to do? Thanks!!
  6. Morning, OMB... We got about 6 inches overnight. That's really nothing for the Rockies, especially at this time of year, but I thought I'd commiserate with you anyway
  7. oh, that's disgusting. I would have expected better from YOU of all people.
  8. ooohhh... a kindred spirit I am a tea snob too.... I drink Japanese green tea, and only JAPANESE green tea, not that Chinese garbage. I order it right from Japan. And I only order first flush... gyokuro usually... I have several kyusus. And matcha... I love matcha. I often make matcha when I am feeling stressed. I turn on some Japanese flute meditation music, turn down the lights, and boil the water, then go through each step... cooling the water by pouring it back and forth until it reaches the perfect temperature, then pouring it over the powdered tea in a chawan (matcha bowl)... then whisking it with the bamboo whisk until the tea is frothy. Just the act of preparing the tea is so soothing to me. Although it can not begin to come close to a real Japanese tea ceremony, it is my own personal chanoyu. It is, literally, for me, chadō : the way of tea. It soothes my soul. For black tea, I refuse to drink American or Canadian tea, only English or Indian (of course, most English teas are Indian in origin anyway). I prefer Twinings, but I do like some other brands as well (Dilmah is good). My favourite blend is English Breakfast, but I also enjoy Irish Breakfast, and I do regularly enjoy orange pekoe. I can't drink Earl Grey at all anymore. It makes me ill. Oh, I'd love to talk tea with you...
  9. I love your profile. I'm sure that doesn't surprise you though ;-)

  10. *shudder* There are some things I can't even imagine putting in a microwave, and coffee is one of them. In my opinion, once coffee has cooled to the point that you can't drink it, it's garbage. Don't even bother trying to heat it up, and sure as hell don't nuke it. Yuck. But then, I'm a coffee snob. I drink Kona. Preferably peaberry. I never reheat it. I use only ice cold, pure, filtered water. Sorry... I know I'm not adding anything useful to this thread... and westie... please don't be offended. It's me that's got the problem, not you. *I* am a coffee snob. YOU are far more practical than me, and far more capable of surviving if TSHTF, and you and I both know it.
  11. Oh yeah... check it out THE yummiest ice cream ever. Only in Canada, you say? Pity...
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