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  1. Yes, my mother in law has it now. We had a foster dog with it too. It can remain dormant for years too. Its actually why you see old cowboys wearing bandanas on their faces.
  2. I have her address but its been almost 5 years and I dont know if she would still be there. Should I risk it and send a card?
  3. Thanks! I dont want to post her last name, but I sure wish I could find her.
  4. Its interesting for entertainment value, but not much else.
  5. A long time ago a member helped me when times were rough. we are in a better spot now and I would like to return the favor. I don't know her member name, but Carla from Texas please message me so I can pay it forward.
  6. Not sure what you mean by a disclaimer? My dad has about an 85% cure rate with his patients that are deemed terminal by other doctors. i never understood the whole fight for a "cure" thing, when there are cures for cancer. they just don't make the medical community money.
  7. you don't need drugs to cure cancer. Take a look at Gerson cancer therapy it has great sucess.
  8. We have gone to a mostly vegitarian diet because we can't afford meat, Dh got upset yesterday and wentto the store and sent $28 for enough food for 3 meals (family of 8) and he said when did groceries go up so much? uggh, I have been telling him.
  9. Bless you and your family in your time of sadness. Know that godloves you and your family will be together again.
  10. Have your mom ask her doctor about insulin that dose not need to be refridgerated. I have gestational diabetes and my insulin is good for 28 days unrefridgerated once opened. PS I can't spell...
  11. If you read this it clearly states that there is nothing in the law that actually says she can not have a veggie garden in her front yard. It is the uneducated interpretation of the law of the code enforcement.
  12. So, what does a junk silver dime look like when compared to a regular dime? The same. You are looking for pre-1965 coins.
  13. All I can say is that I am so glad to have a pool. Its the only thing that makes life bearable. One thing we found out a couple weeks ago when our pool pump went out, that a sparkling blue pool will turn into a green swap in 5 days with out a running pool pump. I'm not sure even a water filter would have done the job if we needed to drink that water in an emergency. So don't count on your pool water for much.
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