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  1. We recently had a mouse in the kitchen, it has been dispatched with. When I went to go cook next, I noticed that there was mouse poop on my pots and pans. I have rinsed them off, soaked them in a bleach solution for 10 minutes, and plan on washing them with dish-soap after the soak. In addition, my husband said he would wash out the cabinet for me. Is there anything else I need to do. Also, on one of the lids, I notice after the bleach soak, there as a piece of mouse poop stuck between the glass and the metal. I took a toothpick and removed it and re-soaked it. Is this
  2. I was looking up the last frost date for my area so I would know when to start seeds. I went to a couple of different websites and input my zip-code. I was getting various dates. How do I know which date to go with? Also some of the sites instead of listing tables on temperatures. Going on that, there is less then a 10% chance it won't go below freezing on May 18th. These are the other dates I got: Farmers Almanac April 28th National Gardening Association May 2 Daves Garden May 10th I read that seedlings should be started 6 weeks in advance. Which
  3. I've been looking online at electric pressure cookers. I'm just not sure where I would put it in the kitchen, it's already pretty packed.
  4. I set the timer for the recommendation on the package, about 43 minutes before that I peaked and saw it was brown, and the little thing popped up. I took it out and the temp and it was 200, so really over cooked. My main plan for this chicken is for homemade chicken soup.
  5. I ended up finding one in a store on Sunday. I was very glad I had it, since yesterday I made flour tortillas to have with dinner, and they would have definitely stuck to the counter. Looking forward to getting many uses out of it. Slightly off topic, how in the world do I clean burnt flour of a stainless steel frying pan?
  6. One dinner I've prepared a couple of times in the past, that I've enjoyed doing is a roast chicken dinner. I'm just having trouble calculating cooking time. One of the times when I cooked a chicken at the new house, a little over an hour before people were to arrive, I took the temperature of the chicken in a couple of different places, and it was done. I actually called up three people I knew that had made chicken in the past, and was able to bring a hot chicken to the table without it being over cooked. Another time, at the time it should have been done, I took it's t
  7. Thanks Annarchy, that is one site that didn't come up when I was searching. How large is your marble cutting board? I mainly asking since the most common pastry I make are crossiants, and that requires a long rectangle, and I haven't seen one that size (Plus wouldn't have a place to put one that size either) The cutting board you use for kneading bread, is it wooden or a different material? I'm thinking about getting a pastry board, but have not decided yet.
  8. Growing up I remember my grandma using a pastry cloth when baking, and I do remember having one myself when I was younger. It seems lately that they have fallen out of use. I've tried picking one up at local big box stores and none of them seem to carry one in store. Even searching blogs and articles online, it doesn't seem like they are to common anymore. So question, do you use one, why or why not? If you don't use one, how do you clean your counters off before rolling something out, or kneading bread on the counter?
  9. I have a small chicken in my freezer I bought on sale a few months ago. I wanted to make it for dinner either Wed or Thur, but am unsure when to take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge. I know the last time I went to thaw some foods, I had to wait an extra day to use them, but at the same time I don't want to thaw it out to soon and risk it spoiling. Thank you in advance for your time
  10. I found these growing in the backyard and wanted to make sure they were edible before eating.
  11. Hello, I didn't realize how long it's been since I've been here. I was just looking at my profile, I joined in 07, but haven't really been around since 2013. So much has changed. I graduated college back in May, and got engaged the same day, then got married in July the day after our three month anniversary, and we bought a house at the very end of February. I came to ask a questions a few weeks ago and was getting error messages no matter what computer I used, but am glad it was just temporary. I was afraid the site was gone for good. While the yard isn't that big, I a
  12. My mom is helping me make a roast chicken. I went to check on it after it had been in for about 40 mins, and found that the oven was off. I turned the oven on right then, but is it okay to have chicken out for 40 min like that. (The oven was warm from earlier cooking.) Since it is less then the two hours, according to my mom it would be fine, but at the same time it is chicken that was left in a warm oven. I know for a fact that is was only 40 min since I started a stop watch when I put the chicken in the oven.
  13. I made some spagetti sauce and wanted to freeze it. In the past I've tried freezer bags, and even the plastic freezer jars along with a few other plastic containers that said for freezing on them. I have had issues with all of them in the past, and was wondering if it is safe to freeze in the glass canning jars. And if so, how much space should I leave at the top in the quart jars?
  14. There were a few I got wrong. I have never used a flint and steel before, but wouldn't that be better then a bic lighter? For the lighter I can think of it running out of fluid, or being stepped on or broken somehow.
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