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  1. Thank you for posting the links as they look like wonderful sites. I started BSF last September but had to quit with the surgeries, and I absolutely need to be led by the hand. Thanks again.
  2. I save all of the samples I get in the mail, and the sample size shampoo's soaps, etc. from hotels. I used to send them to Jamaica each winter with Cavey's aunt, who distributed them to young women who have nothing. With the new luggage restrictions, she cannot take so much, so next year I will donate it all to the women's shelter. Another thing I used to do was to crochet lap blankets and take them to nursing homes at Christmas. I save old blankets, sheets, pillows etc. and take them to animal shelters. They are always in need, and the animals don't care if an item is used. When I was a kid, my Dad was involved with the Elk's Lodge who adopted several families every year. They provided each family with a tree, gifts and Christmas dinner. I loved helping wrap all the presents at the hall, and going with my Dad to make the deliveries. Those are some of my best childhood Christmas memories.
  3. Prayers for the safety of our soldiers, and the sanity and peace of their parents. Bless you all, for the family of a soldier serves too. You all raised some fine youngsters.
  4. Congratulations! What a nice young couple, and they are both hero's in my book. We can never thank our soldiers enough for their service. You have so much to be proud of, and both of them will be in my prayers for a safe remainder of tour, and journey home.
  5. Mare

    I did it

    You are getting very hip on the puter! Great job!
  6. I am so glad that your husband's surgery went well. Also hope that you get the job. Lot's of driving ahead of you. BTW, I went to see "Australia" on Thanksgiving evening and thought it was excellent. I especially wanted to see it on the big screen for the scenery shots. What a vast land!
  7. Mare

    Paging Pauline

    Pauline, I have thought about you so many times since our brunch and long chat. Please send me your number again. It would be fun to chat again.
  8. Mare


    My final surgery is over (yesterday) and everything went very well. This time they gave me a block in my right thigh so I remember everything since I woke up yesterday. Last time I missed four days. My knee is still partially numb, so while PT was able to get me on my feet twice today, with a walker, I haven't been able to take a step yet. Tried and almost fell. I can't get the catheter out until I can make it to the bathroom, and I hate the indignities we have to endure when so helpless. However, I am so grateful for the kindness and expertise of the men and women who do take care of our indignities in such a compassionate manner. Cavey came up this morning before work and brought me the lap top and got me up and running. I'll have it through tomorrow, then I move to the Transitional Care Unit on Thursday. My Mom just stopped by my room with her PT, and we'll be here one day together at TCU on Thurs and Friday until she is discharged. My OT friend over at the TCU is making her prepare breakfast for us in the morning and is bringing it over to share with me. We could have such fun here together if we could be geographically closer. Mom's PT is so cute, and she is such a flirt with him. He is tall, dark and handsome, and recites poetry to her in French and Dutch! He also tucks her in at night with pillows under her arms and her down comforter just so. She is going to miss his attention. It just fills my heart with gratitude to see her walking without so much pain, happy, and back to her flirtatious ways. At nearly 82, she's still "got it". I think I flubbed the smiley thing so if it appears in a strange place, it's me the user who flubbed, not smilie. Anyway, that's my report to date. 10 more days and I'll be going home for the next recovery and gathering of physical strength so I can return to work.
  9. What a nice welcome back. Thank you to all of you.
  10. Ahhhh...what a nice recollection Dee. The little ones do make Christmas extra special. (((Dee)))
  11. Mare


    Beautiful! Darlene is known for doing everything in a BIG way! I'll bet it smells divine.
  12. Hello to all of my friends here and the people who have joined in my absence. Mrs. S is growing so fast! Thank you to Cat and Darlen who helped me get my account re-activated, and a heartfelt thanks to Darlene for praying with me over the phone last Monday. My Mom made it through surgery and is doing very well. She will come home probably next Friday, and I go back into the hospital on Monday. 2008 has been a wonderful year in so many ways. Monday will be my final, and third surgery of the year. I've lost a lot of weight and had my left knee replaced. On Monday I'm having my right knee replaced. The transformation in my attitude, and outlook on life has been dramatic. A year ago I had no desire to live, and today, I have so much to look forward to. For me, life began at 50! I have not worked since May 08 and have so enjoyed having some time to spend with my Mom, as I have recovered. I have learned about Faith this year, and re-discovered my spirituality. I know little and have much to learn, but I am on the right track. Our preps have been invaluable this year while I've been unemployed. When I return to work I'll have much to do to replenish the shelves, and I'll have functioning legs to carry me through experiences and challenges that I have not been able to do for 30 years. In the spring I will begin riding horses again, and Caveman and I are planning a trip to the Oregon coast next fall to walk on the beach, hand in hand, and also do some crab fishing. Our marriage has blossomed with the new me, and I have so much be thankful for. I have some other changes in mind for the future too, but am stilling working on them in my head. Life is great! I am going to check to see if the hospital has Internet service for patients, and if so, will take Cavey's laptop so I can keep in touch. It's so nice to peek in and see old friends, and so many new friends too.
  13. Hi Dee, If you come home on I-80 you will be within 3 miles of me so you have to stop for coffee or lemonade. I'm not working so I'm here everyday. I don't have any email right now but Cat knows my phone number. Maybe she could post it in the bunker. Call me from Nevada. From Wendover, you're about 1 1/2 hours from me.
  14. Late Tuesday afternoon my dog started going nuts, barking and running from room to room. Not like her at all. Then, all of the sudden, I heard what sounded like a freight train coming and it was on top of us in seconds. I was sure all the windows were going to blow out, and I was afraid we might lose the first floor. I was in the basement, so I took the dog and went into the bathroom, the one room with no windows and heavy framing. It was all over in just a minute or two, but wow, what damage it did. Our two houses are only about one mile apart as the crow flys, and they both got hit. We were lucky though compared to so many others. Our neighbors boat landed in our front side yard. It had to fly over a Globe willow tree and an 8'x8' kennel of wood. The deck furniture is smashed to smithereens, but fortunately it flew off the deck and not through the french doors or bay windows. Cavey's beloved new gas grill was found in the front yard, and we lost some shingles. At the rental house we lost our fence and just a few shingles that we know about so far. The 4"x4" posts snapped like toothpicks at the base and went down. Our neighbor next door lost three beautiful mature trees, his deck and fencing on both sides of his house. Another neighbor on the circle lost his deck, deck roof, all of his windows blew out and he wound up in the hospital with numerous cuts. One of our big heavy trash cans was found across the street, and the other flew over the house across from us and into the lake. Trees were down everywhere........everyone who once had a white vinyl fence no longer does, and many boats, patio furniture, trash cans, etc. are still missing. Some houses on the street where our rental is lost all of their shingles and some actual roof. It's unbelieveable that living in a valley surrounded by tall mountains, we had a tornado. We had one in 1999 in the city that did a lot of damage and killed one person. Sheesh, I thought all we had to worry about were earthquakes. Anyway, our neighborhood has been declared a disaster area, so we don't have to pay deductibles on insurance claims. Funny too, how my dog sensed it. She is deaf, so she didn't just hear it before me. This was an exercise for a much more serious disaster. It was heartwarming to see how the neighbors came together and helped each other. Anyway, that's about the most excitement I've had for awhile.
  15. HSMom, about a year ago my hands were so painful so I went for an RA test. The test came back negative, but the Dr. said that I had a lot of inflammation in my body which is what was causing the pain. I guess some food allergy's can cause it. About a week ago I woke up with a claw hand, and it took over an hour of rubbing to unfold two fingers. It's still painful, but at least it is periodic, not chronic. I hope your RA test is negative.
  16. Mare


    I'm glad your journey to Georgia has ended. Now you have a clean slate to begin a new life, a new chapter, and I'm confident that it will be a happy one for you. I saw the picture of your home, and it is beautiful, and the setting is so serene. I think you've found a paradise on earth. Hugs
  17. PoGo, thank you for taking over this forum. It truly deserves more attention than I have been able to provide. Nothing is wrong, we just have a lot of changes going on in our lives and I have not been able to keep the commitment to moderating the forum. I'll still be around, but sporadically, as I have been the last year. :usaflag2:
  18. Simple here for just the three of us: Prime Rib mashed potatoes fresh green beans rolls strawberry pie
  19. Lowlander, glad to see that you still lurk.
  20. I skimmed through the posts, so I hope this is not a duplicate. The potato pearls are good, but if you can buy a case of their apple sauce......do so!..all you can buy. It is the best I've ever had, and I have a Mormon friend who gives me a case every Christmas except for the past one as the church did not do applesauce this year. You are lucky indeed to get to go there. I live in the capitol of the LDS Church, and though I've been invited to Relief Society, I've never been invited to the Bishop's Warehouse and cannery.
  21. This is not a facetious post. If you want your children to succeed in life, have them learn Spanish. The majority of available jobs today give priority to persons who speak Spanish. In my town, for the first time, I am seeing signs in stores in both English and Spanish. Sometimes the Spanish is above the English wording. I'm so serious, if you want your kids to have the advantage, encourage them to learn Spanish. Or, perhaps Arabic.
  22. Dee, if you like Sue Henry, you'll love Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugach series.
  23. 8th Sinner, I have a number of Herbal books, but have not yet found one that covers all that I would call my favorite.
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