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  1. Annarchy
    It has been a long time since I posted on my blog. 
    Computer crashes caused me to loose many of the pictures I had saved.  One thing I learned, the hard way, do NOT put a magnet near a memory stick.  The Apple computer has a magnetized plug port, and of course, I put my memory stick too close to it. 
    I have been collecting pictures ever since, but it won't bring back the pictures of my family members who have passed. 
    So, today, while reading kathy003's blog, I remembered, I too, had started one and let it fade away into the mist of every day's activities.
     Here's a picture of the desert in our area.  Nice and dry, with spiny things everywhere.

  2. Annarchy
    Dawn has broken, light filtering in blinking out the stars in the brisk 34 degrees. The birds have begun to sing and humming birds are chasing each other around. As I walked around my yard, they whizzed past me so closely I felt the breeze of their wings on my face.

    Pondering today's activities, the guys want to watch football, guests in the house means, tidying up and preparing seating, snacks and meals.
    It's a simple life...
  3. Annarchy
    Woke with this song playing in my memory yesterday. I sat quietly on my porch swing watching the stars slowly fade away as the dawn broke and birds began to sing.

    When I'm feeling all alone
    With so far to go
    The signs are no where on this road
    Guiding me home
    When the night is closing in
    Is falling on my skin
    Oh God will You come close?
    Light light light up the sky
    You light up the sky
    To show me You are with me
    I I I can't deny
    No I can't deny that You are right here with me
    You've opened my eyes
    So I can see You all around me
    Light light light up the sky
    You light up the sky to show me
    That You are with me
    When stars are hiding in the clouds
    I don't feel them shining
    When I can't see You beyond my doubt
    The silver lining
    When I've almost reached the end
    Like a flood You're rushing in
    Your love is rushing in
    So I run straight into Your arms
    You're the bright and morning sun
    To show Your love there's nothing You won't do
    That You are with me
    That You are with me
  4. Annarchy
    I was asked to send a copy of a photograph to a friend.
    After plugging my memory stick into the port on my computer, it took several minutes to load the pictures. Looking at the quantity...
    I was shocked to see 13,000+ photographs!
    And that does not count the photographs I have on the computer, from last year, needing to be transferred to another memory stick for safe keeping.
    Like this one, which reminds me how much I like to swim.

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