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  1. hey arby, do you have a recipe for the oatmeal sausage?
  2. Hey yall!I know I haven't been on here real regular lately, but Im always thinking of you, and stop by when I can. I read an article tonight that absolutely knocked the wind out of me. According to this article, Germany just "repatriated" all of the gold (1500 tons, to be exact) from the federal reserve in NYC.... I don't want to be nervous, were supposed to be anxious for nothing....but jimmeny cricket!!! Read for yourself thoughts? http://www.dailyfinance.com/2013/01/15/germany-gold-bundesbank-us-france/ Germany Takes Gold: Bundesbank to Retrieve 1,950 Tons from U.S., France
  3. PANTY! That was hilarious! Typos will be the death of me! Hahahahahahaha Violet, where are you located? I would LOVE to get apples for that price!!!
  4. [hey y'all! DH got a job in oh, and the prices here are a lot more than nc..whew! Still kept the little house in nc, so I go back every other month or so to stock up on supplies from my panty there. Anyway, the apples here are always 2.50 a lb, and mine a re routinely a buck, or a bit more at home. Are these prices already in effect, or coming soon? Does anyone know of good recipes for canning apples here? I've not tried dehydratin apple slices... How do they turn out? Considering saving up to get some buy some from nearby lds cannery? That's? Miss you guys much... Just glad to have
  5. Hello All, Good post. I have gone through what, to me is my maximum over the past year and change... and I am still looking, waiting... but getting tired of waiting at the ame time... does that make sense to anyone? My mom was diagnosed with pacreatic cancer late Feb '10, and died April 28th, as my brother, father and myself watched. At the same time, the most heinous, unthinkable betrayal was underway, being planned, to be acted upon the following week. I find myself floating a lot of days, wondering why... I KNOW what thw word says about trials and such, I just
  6. I got something like this on two seperate computers... I cant get back online, it says it isconnected to an unidentified network... but the modem and the router are fine.. a laptop got on just fine... any ideas?
  7. good evening all! I have 5 children and am expecting another so those prices are out of bounds for me... I hear yall talking about a smoker to smoke your own hmas/bacon... does anyone have pics, links that I could begin to look at and give to dh? thanks in advance!
  8. HI GV, What GOOD NEWS about your brother, I am very happy for you! My fahter several years ago had very bad headacjes and he said that he felt like a voice kept telling him that it was encephalytis (SP). Well, we right then (happened to be in town) found some oil, annointed him and prayed over him for healing and bound the sickness and the thoughts. Anyway, several days later, he complained of another pain and went the the ER. THe doctors told him he had bleeding on the brain, but that somehow, it just stopped.. which wasnt normally possible. We all beleive it was an answer to prayer...
  9. Hey Y'all! Its been a while since Ive been here... lot has gone on since I was last here. I had my baby boy, Hezekiah in December!!!, so I've been a little busy with that. But thats not why I am writing. I am writing for my mother. TO make a long story short, she is dying. Very quickly. She was turning yellowish in February and she went to the doctor the third week in February and they told her she had a mass on her pancreas. They placed a stint to drain the bile and did a byopsy. Several days later it came back..it was cancerous, but was self-contained. Twelve days later she was in
  10. Hi Pigz.. This recipe sounds WONDERFUL! I was wondering... did you make the andouille yourself of purchase? I see the ingredients, but if you have further instructions on how I can make some, I sure would appreciate it! Thank you for your concern Violet. The ingredients are diced Andouille sausage- natural raised pork, (no hormones or msg), salt, garlic, sugar, paprica, cayenne and dehydrated onion in natural casings. Diced Smoked ham, onions, celery, bell pepper, garlic and the seasonings. Bay leaves that are removed, salt, white pepper, dry mustard, ground cayenne
  11. Mornin' Y'all! Is there room for one more? PLease count me in! I have squash (pretty fast growers) zucchini collards green beans I also have some cilantro Does anyone have ground cherry seeds? I know its not a veggie, but I sure would like a couple!
  12. Hey Yall Just returned from a week in Georgia to hlep my sister. I shoul dhave stayed home. The second day when we went out, oldset child complains of sore throat, stuffy nose and cough. Went on down the line and then to me. I wasnt at home.. and guess who left BOBS in NC? Well, I bought vitamin C 1000mg and gave all but 2 year old... one in the morning, one at night. That REALLY helped! Now that I have come back though I have noticed that I am *a little* worse. I am sweating profusely, and not really hungry. No fever though. THe cough was kinda bad yesterday. I am popping lozenges I g
  13. Hey everyone! The name of the company is columbus washboard. Here is the link. It is different from the last time I went there (about two months ago, and the prices have definitely GONE UP, but they are still WAY cheaper than anyone local or other internet source. They have a PDF file, download that, and then you can see pictures of all their different ones they have and match the number up with the list on the page. http://www.columbuswashboard.com/products.htm IS this a good deal, or does someone have another site cheaper? Maranatha!
  14. SO I am NOT alone!! I LOVE books! I have at least a thousadn, maybe more. However, the majority of mine are childrens books for all the little people in this house that I homeschool. I have gotten away from collecting for myself, but I am starting to build up again. I cant tell you how many arguments I have had with me pleading with DH not to get rid of books! It's like thtrowing away food or clothes to me! Maranatha!
  15. Hi Stephanie! I agree, the boxed curriculum has real limitations. What do you think about Charlotte Mason? I started last year, and intend to continue lapbooks. for a 3rd and th grader, this might be perfect. All you really need is manilla file folder and fold them into thirds, to make the ends meet ing the middle. Sams has HUGE box for 10 or eleven bucks. Anyway, while the child is studying their lesson on whatever, they place different material in the lapbook, glued, stapled, drawn in directly. My kids LOVE this, and my oldest is going to 7th grade and still loves them. It doesnt
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