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  1. The Bartlett's are on my mom's side.      She was a Bartlett.     It was my 7th Great Grandfather who came to America and his wife Mary was on the same ship with her mom and the rest of her family.     Her father had come over on the Mayflower and had been here for a while, right now, I can't say just how long.      So yes, I know who and when they came.    :)   


    One day I may put some of the information in here.    :)         It was something to trace it back.      I used Find a Grave to fine the people.      There are several spellings of the name too.     :)        Some used double t's in the middle and others at the end.    



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  2. Good morning everyone.     image.jpeg


    Well, I'm here so now to let you all know that I have been doing a lot of work on my genealogy.      I have found my Bartlett's back to 1049.    There are at least 2 "sirs"  and I thought that is interesting.     :)      Well, now I need to get busy on some of the other lines.      I am thinking the "Lee's" will be a good one.    



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  3. Good morning everyone, I know it has been a very long time since I have been in here, again.   


    Well, I guess once again I haven't been in here since January or so.  


    There has been a lot going on in the family.  


    The first thing I am saying is that, I am so thankful that the only times so far this year that I have see a Dr. is for regular appointments.    I have not been so sick that I had to go to walk in.     


    God is so good and I am praying that He will keep me well this year.     I had enough last year to last 2 or 3 years.   


    I've been working on other things than sewing.      I have traced my Bartlett side back to 1049.    :)     Now to work on other sides.   


    We have had two deaths in the family, one was my only living sister so now I am the only one left.     The other one was a nephew who had cancer.   


    Now, my oldest son's wife is not doing well.     She has been fighting cancer for so very long and now there is nothing they can do for her.       They expect she won't last beyond this summer.    


    Well, some of this should have been put in a different post, but that is ok.   


    I'm not sure when I will get back in here, but hope it will be sooner that this time.     :)    


    You all take care.     image.png

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  4. The week ending January 28th I didn't get much in, I was working on genealogy.      I only got just under 7 miles.    :(      I'll see if I can do better next time.    :)  


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  5. Well, since I was so sick all of last year and didn't do much walking at all, I have to start slow.      I know, this is really slow and I am not happy with it but, one of these days I hope to get more miles again.


    Week ending with the 20th, I got just over 10 miles.    


    This is really a lot different than I had been doing a few years ago.       :(

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  6. I am so sorry that I missed your Birthday, I haven't been in here for a bit.    


    I'm glad your family came to help you celebrate.   :)       


    Again, sorry I'm so late.     Have some more:bdaycake: and add ice cream and you have a party.    :)      :balloons:   are needed to.   


    I know what you mean about illness, that was my year last year.    


    Glad you had company and again, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas.    :)     :bighug2:

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  7. :wave: Littlesister,  you are doing so good.      I haven't counted yet, as they are in my fit bit, but just haven't counted them all up.      


    I'm so glad you want to do this again.     :)    :bighug2:

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  8. Hi, I know it has been a very long time since anyone has posted in here, but thought if it were brought up again, someone might see it and go through and see who has what name in their lines.   


    I'm still looking for Jones   I know there are other names, but can't think right off hand.  



  9. That is great.    :)     


    I will have to count my poor little miles.      Probably about 2 - 3.


    I really need to get busy and walk and ride the bike.   


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  10. I'm sorry yo can't find what you are looking for.      I know it is really hard and I have some

    one who I can't get past.     Of course it is a Jones.    :)    


    Becca-Anne, I'm happy you were able to do that.      The name wouldn't be Jones by any way would it?   


  11. Wanted to know if anyone is interested in counting miles again.     :)    


    I don't get many miles in lately, but know I need to.     


    Thank you, Littlesister, I'm glad to be back.    :)    


    I'll try to get in here each week sometime and we will count the miles from the week past.    :)


    Thank you for being interested.        :bighug2:

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  12. I got my ornament from Midnightmom on Saturday.      Thank you so much, love it.       I have all of mine now too.   :)    


    Becca_Anne, I think it was the 5th that I sent them all out at the same time.        Has Sue gotten hers yet??

    The lady at the PO gave me a paper and I don't know what happened to it.    We have had a lot going on around here.    


    I have a feeling that when some said they  had gotten theirs, I probably tossed it out.    If I see it, I'll send you your tracking no.   

    I'm so sorry.    :(  


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  13. I got mine from Pauline too, yesterday,     I really love it.  :)      I just haven't done much cross stitch at all.  


    By now, everyone should have gotten the ones from me.    :)      They were to be there on Friday and Saturday.   




  14. Good morning Momo.    :)


    Yes, it has been one year I don't want to repeat.       I told the Dr.  I am done being sick.    :)       Right now I am trying to not go in as I do have my sinus draining again.   


    Thank you for the welcome.     :)    


    I don't know how often I will be in here, but, I will try to make it more than once a year.    :)   

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  15. Good morning everyone,

    As for the sewing, I think I had made about 36 - 40 different sizes of Rice Bags to sell, along with several other items.     It was days of doing it and again, I won't do much sewing without a mask on.  

    I do have lung problems, so really need to take care in all that I do.   


    After a month and a couple days, I got my new glasses, so I can see again.  😊      Of course, I was able to see, but it is a lot better now and I don't have to put something between my eye and my glasses.   

    It did take me a few days to get use to these new glasses though as I had been going around without glasses when I wasn't watching T.V. or looking on line.   

    I also got my sleep study back and I do NOT have sleep apnea so that is great. 

    I do have scars from where the tape was under my chin though as he just yanked the tape off.     I wonder if he does that with all the people and if others ended up with scars too.  


    Well, I think I need to take a look at some other forums and then get myself busy doing something here.    :)  


    You all have a great day.      

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