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  1. HI Judy. I have sjogrens, fibro, lupus, CFS, no, its not fun. I believe sjogrens is the culprit also for the anti-cardio lipin antibodies, also for causing me three miscarriages, early and mid gestation. Believe me, I know how you feel. Fibro causes depression and anxiety and along with chronic pain and weakness and magnifies sprains badly, from the rheumatalogical stuff for 30 yrs now, all the meds make the mouth drier. I have been weaning myself off of things, and I think its helping me with the moisture factor. In fact my salivary glands work overtime when I drink a berry vitamin drink in the afternoons, and other foods are also making them work more. I know how all this goes. I have had to try and find things to deal with arthritis inflammation that won't chew my stomach and IT tract up, and I've been lucky. I definitely understand the frustration and anger issue. Have been working on it, but also am getting so cut and dried about certain things in life, that I know I am still very stern, at times. So, I do know. I wish you the best, Judy.

    I am tired of being a guinea pig for the docs, I am going to try to do the best I can with much less interference. Some of the alternatives I found, which do work for me, are just fine. Little other affect too, and that bothers me about many of the scrips for these types of disorders lately. But everyone is different and if you find things that do work for you, all the more power to you. The problem with dry eyes, is that eventually, it can ruin the cornea, and it makes you blind without a cornea transplant. Its not something that someone else can readily see either, and there are many other things that can happen from sjogrens and similarly grouped disorders. But its hard for others to understand, because its not obvious. I can deal with losing my teeth, but my eyes? Add the other stuff and its flares and tis a three ringed circus. Not having the energy to do things or the strength is a true challenge. It is also hard to get others to understand that, they just dont, for the most part, but it is debilitating.

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