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  1. My sincere prayers are with you and your family. I just lost my brother suddenly on Feb. 4th. So, suddenly, from a heart attack in our home. He lived with me for over 22 years. He would have been 60 on Feb. 15. We still celebrated his birthday and his memories. My daughter saw him last when he dropped her off at school and he told her he loved her and she to him. Cherish your discussions with him whether you get to go there or not. Those moments are precious.
  2. Please listen to your body..... I had emergency surgery this past summer for my hernia that kinked. My doctor told me that if I had waited another day that my situation would not have been good. I have had a total of 4 hernia surgeries. But, this past summer really scared me. I just did not feel right. I felt bloated, could not really have a BM, and began to feel like I had to throw up. I woke up on a Sunday and decided that I could not wait for Monday. Woke up my 15 yr old daughter and told her I needed to go to the hospital and asked her to go with me. Listen to your body.... I ma
  3. Dial-Up! What a pain! Let me know which one you think loads easier for you MtRider! I like you still have dial-up! And, I too keep getting those naughty internal error pages....
  4. I am very wary if someone makes it to my front door.....I live on 5 acres, fenced in, and posted. To top that off as you get closer to the house I have an inner yard where my big dogs roam around the house. So, I can only remember one time when I was expecting to be called from the gate when the insurance adjustor was going to come and lo and behold he made it to my front door......dogs and all. He told me he could tell whether a dog was friendly or not. Man, did I have a talk with these dogs! I don't think I would answer the door unless I knew someone was coming or in fact I knew who
  5. Darlene, So sorry, didn't mean any disrespect.....they are beautiful animals! I love my big male "Natcho" . The breed is amazing, intelliegent, and great family companions. My girls love him! I would have brought him home with me to Texas if I had been able to come to your gathering! That is if he had fit in the back of the car! so, no disrespect intended....
  6. <br /><br /><br /> I have an Anatolian male....but would not mind another....I love them....poor baby looks a little anorexic....how come
  7. chinajade97

    Camp V...

    Psssst! Psssst! Where's Cat? The black SUV is hauling back down the road. Take Cover! The black suits are all jumping out of the doors....screaming and hollering....What's up? Trudy.....where's the binoculars? Look, look it looks like Wormie rolling out of the back of the SUV. And, he's laughing! I think! Hard to tell cuz he has a mask on. What pocket did he pull that out of? And what's in his hand. Looks like the suits got more than they bargained for packing off Wormie. That will teach them for taking out the guy on night maneuvers. The suits all high tailed it into the woods.
  8. Man, I wish I could have gone! Sounds like too much fun and comraderie! Be sure and let us in on all the happenings you managed to stir up Wormie!
  9. You have to do what is best for you.....I had gastric bypass back in 2000....I have lost 90 pounds and have not gained the weight back....so am I glad I did it? Yes, and yes again. Did I have reservations...before I had it done..? yes, and yes again.....thoughts of dying or complications afterwards and any other possibility ran through my mind. I know people who have had complications from the surgery, gained back weight, and have had other difficulties. But, I had high blood pressure, bad knees, difficulty doing things and now am no longer on meds for blood pressure. granted I still ha
  10. Me too! Me too! Happy Belated Birthday! Been a little hectic around my part of the world....
  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! How Blessed you ARE!
  12. Glad to hear you are on the mend.......
  13. Thanks for the update Wormie Wife! Hope you are doing well too!
  14. Hope you are back on your feet real soon, John! Follow those doctor's orders...... hope to hear your back sound and well!
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