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  1. I have a lot of collection of electric smokers. And Reverse Flow Smoker is my best. 20 Pounds Of Pellets Automated Electric Feed System Huge Grilling Area Digital Temperature Control Wood Pellet Technology 3 Year Warranty Reverse Flow Smoker
  2. First off, not a pro ; just average three time a year smoker... but I am originally from Texas, if that gives me any bonuses, I used a cheap walmart offset with lump coal and hickory/mesquite last15 years. Seemed to get good results 90% of the time.I have cooked 4 times now in the new electric "charbroil" digital 30 but now in a state of "fishing" for better; so seeking all advice.This unit has the chip box and regardless of the brand of chips and the amt (1/3, half , full)... I am getting "smoked" (see what I did there?) with two main obstacles.1) the meats have been bland.... juicy, but blan
  3. I have found a site for you. Click here to check. Your favourite Electric smoker.
  4. To cook the perfect smoked meat, you may consider a smoker that can provide the right temperature and constant smoke. Choosing Best Electric Smokers means best smoked food to enjoy with friends or family. Smoking refers to cooking meat at a very low temperature of about 67-177ᵒ F for a complete day or more than one day. Whereas, in BBQ, the meat is cooked at a normal temperature for about an hour or two. And for grilling, you cook the meat at a high temperature for a few minutes. For smoking your meat, traditional charcoal smokers are available but they are not easy to deal with. Thanks t
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