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  1. Originally Posted By: Shurleen Wow. This is such hard stuff. I'm so sorry, Melissa. I can feel your pain and confusion. Maybe because I've been there myself with my oldest son. When my son went thru his horrible teen times, I stood straight and didn't move from where I had to stand, even tho I was crying while I stood firm. He saw me cry. He saw me stand firm. He still did what he chose and went thru a few years of hell. It was really REALLY hard. I don't know what the answer to all this stuff is. I lived thru it. My son lived thru it. A lot of us lived thru it. Your son will live thru it. (((Melissa))) I hope this is all over sooner rather than later, and that there is a happy ending to the story. I could had written the above post myself- except I am still waiting.... I have been through this with me oldest two. With the oldest it was a girl. We did try and go with the flow and things went from bad to worst. At 18 he moved out and in with her. They eventually got married and now have a son. He is 22 and she is 23- and they are totally unhappy with eachother -but I am doing what I can- which is to pray, pray, pray. My middle son will be 18 on Wednesday. He moved out Saturday. He recently did a month in bootcamp he is very angry with us about. He was staying out all night and drinking and smoking pot (both boys were raised in a Christian home BTW- and they KNOW God's Word) We were going to ask him to move out about 6 mo. ago and the police told us we could not until he was 18- so we took him to the Jr probation officer and put him in the system and that is how he ended up going to bootcamp. I hate that he had to go and I hate the damage it has done to our relationship -but it did do him some good -and at least I did take a stand and did not move. I dont have any answers except cling to God for peace and wisdom -and stay in prayer. I have a 10 year old at home now and he look at his brothers and says I will never act like that but I remind him they loved God at his age too...the road is narrow... (edited to add- I am not trying to convince him he will end up like them- but that the choice will be his in the end andhe will have thengs that will try and pull him in the wrong direction and it will be up to him to make the right choices) also- middle son was (is) a VERY hard worker. He had 2 trucks by age 16- paid all his own gas, insurance, cell phone -this is part of what made him feel like he did not need to be accountable to us though- also we hesatate a little longer to take away a truch he had paid for than we might have had it been one we paid for. On a side note- I am probably not the one to give advice- but if I had had a relative to send either one of mine to - to remove them from the situation- I might have choose that road.
  2. Sorry to be so late in finding this- I want to send material for both if not too late -I will get it out first thinkg in the AM.
  3. AMEN! to a beautiful prayer (((Westie))) Westie- I am praying for you and your loved ones -for peace. And for healing- completely! No matter what - God is the One who is really in control -trust Him.
  4. Well if we dont get some rain and SOON we will be in bad shape this year- and I mean more than just my garden! We are sooooooooo dry! I have a ton of tomatoes- great size- but they are just NOT turning red. The Okra did not make it. I have beautiful butter bean pods- but they are flat! :banana2: This is my rain dance
  5. Originally Posted By: Darlene She's taken herself off the pain meds because it's important to her to get her mind clear so that she can accurately assess where she truly is in this recovery/pain process. Thisi s great news. I believe one of the best things you can do is assess your own progress- I feel no one knows 'you' like you! Praying God will continue to move on her behalf and recoverry will be quick!
  6. To post a picture go to post options (below this white box I am posting in) and when a window comes up that says brows you can download your pic. I downloaded some canning pictures where the picture just showed up in the post- but now I cant remember how...
  7. What GREAT news!!! I am so glad she is recovering and that you got to talk to her!!!
  8. Originally Posted By: Evergreen I am going ot check out Fias Co now. I LOVE this site. I work in an Herb shop and am all about natural cures- so this is awesome!!!!
  9. I found a website lastnight that talked about banding BANDING I am going ot check out Fias Co now. After looking at pictures and reading more I dont think there is anyway my does is pure Saanen -the mother was all white -so maybe it was the mother that was. Sje looks like a NUbian to me (thank goodness because they are so much cuter! -those ears!) She is 7 weeks and I never did get an age on him -but I think it is close. She was the smallest of tripletts.
  10. I was under the impression there was Nubian mixed in these when I first talked to her on the phone- but that is not waht she said today- whatever the case I love them both! DO your have horns? She gave me some bands that she said would allow the horns to fall off the buck- but DH wants me to let him keep them -anyone know the pros/cons of horns?
  11. I got goats! I got a buck and doe today! The buck is a Boer and the doe is Saanens. They are soooooo cute and so loveable. Both were raise on a bottle -by a breader who treats all her goats as pets. I am in LOVE 1114-100_1581.JPG 1115-100_1570.JPG 1116-100_1577.JPG
  12. Hallelujah! Praise a God who hears and answers prayer!
  13. Still praying! I am also praying for Doctors and staff -mainly to have some common sense. And that you would not just be a # but a case they take special interest in. I am sorry you are in there and hope they will release you so you can recover quickly and comfortably at home. I am a terrible patient too -that is why I have not bee to hospital in 10 years since last DS -and if I had it to do over I would have had him at home!
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