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  1. My Dad often spoke of eating by the seasons. In winter they ate a lot of meat and bread with just a little vegetables and even less fruit and very few eggs. In the spring they ate the first dandelions, eggs picked up, and onions...working their way into the new potatoes and peas...strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blueberries were often the entire meal. Like a couple of weeks ago I made my Mom a cherry "pudding", it's sort of weird thing. You make a sweet biscuit batter, mix in the fruit of choice in this case cherries, place in a baking pan, sprinkle the top with sugar and bake at about 350 until golden brown. Most old timers eat it with milk because it was often served the next morning for breakfast. Whatever was ripe you ate it...until there weren't anymore. I think it's one of the reasons that years ago strawberries and fresh raspberries tasted so much better, I could only eat them for a couple of weeks and then they were gone. When fall came it was pumpkins, cabbage, potatoes, apples, turnips, whatever would keep in the root cellar. Once the weather got cold enough, they would butcher a pig and then a steer. Most of that meat was smoked, pickled or crocked or simply hung to freeze and use as needed. When I spoke with my Dad (born 1908) and my Aunt (born 1890), they only really remember drying apples, peaches, grapes and beans. Some vegetables were pickled; cabbage, cucumbers, corn relish, bean salads, chow chow, ketchup, etc. Some fruits were "crocked" for christmas with either brandy or I can't remember the other one. They would take the best fruit and place a layer of it in the crock and cover it with brandy. Next another layer of a different fruit and more brandy. My Aunt said sometimes you had to add some sugar to the fruit because it was too sour, Dad said you didn't add it until you ate it. The final layer would be apples and brandy. Then they covered it with a cloth to keep out the bugs and kept it in a cool place until christmas. Some of the fruits would break down in the brandy and add to the flavors of the other fruits, but things like cherries, pears, peaches, plums and apples could stand. My Dad always like to add a layer of black raspberries which gave everything a purple tint and a hint of the flavor too, but the only thing left after digging into it was the flavor and the seeds. I think it might have been better to have just made black raspberry brandy...without the seeds. Just a little bit. Not being able to preserve meat, was another reason that families kept chickens, ducks, rabbits, etc. There families were large and often ate 1 or 2 entire animals at a meal. This was not an everyday thing, just special occasions. I can remember growing up and killing young roosters for supper. The good pieces we fried for that night. The less meaty bony pieces and fat were covered with water set to simmer on the back of the wood stove for the next day's main meal and used to make soups or boiled pot pie. If we had to kill an old chicken, she was simmered overnight the meat picked and ground to make chicken salad and the broth again used for soup or pot pie.
  2. Hi Everyone and thanks so much for the prayers...it has been a rough couple of days and my Mom has lost another 5#s, but today, PTL, she asked for something to eat...we could hardly believe our ears. She never wants to eat, but today she did and she ate an entire sandwich, some crackers, a couple of cookies and her supper. The doctor started her on something to increase her appetite and told us it would take about a week, today's a week.
  3. I know one other prepper in real life, but he is not prepping to the extent that I do, but it's nice to know he's around and he has some carpentry and electrical skills that I lack (He's dating my daughter, so there's still hope for him yet.) He didn't realize how much I stock until he offered to bring some shelves for the basement when I said that I needed them...they're already full and I'm looking for room to put some more up. His church (not LDS)is a prepping church, so that's how he got into it. In a way, I'm not worried about having or letting others around me know that I prep, I want to be able to select those that I offer to share my supplies with, not have to fight to keep what I have. My best friend of 40+ years is not a prepper, but she knows that I am and she knows that she is welcome to my home when the SHTF. Another friend that I have just made, about three years ago, has a little girl that we were babysitting, so she has seen my preps too and knows that I would help her and her daughter too. She is struggling to make ends meet, but she is starting to prep with the use 1 buy 2 method. Before I found Mrs S. I belonged to and still do belong to Survival Forum. There is a whole section on guns and politics, but these guys know how to buy food, make fire; all the things that I was interested in. I was one of only 2 or 3 ladies in that forum...there are more there now, but I find their different outlook on things really balances mine. It basically boils down to you do what you have to do to take care of your family, wether or not I have friends that support me doesn't matter, I have to do this!!! Most of my family (farmers and gardeners that can and all that), think I'm crazy for having BOBs and plans A, B, and C. They too don't like to think of anything bad happening so they refuse to see the possibilities. Hang in there DO3, you are doing the right thing and I will be praying for you and for you to "find" some friends with which to share your interests. P.S. Didn't Lewis & Clark have Pochanas??? Maybe that's what we can be for you.
  4. We don't: go to movies, sporting events, shows that cost money..only the freebees we don't eat out except on special occasions and usually go for breakfast because that's the cheapest meal to eat out. we keep it warm in summer and cold in winter (don't get sick as often either) we bulk buy everything that we use at income tax time; TP, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, foods, etc. no fake nails, hair colors, eyelashes, etc. for fun we visit our friends, play games outside, go swimming (we have a pool...use it cool off in and recreation and a water supply too), play cards and dice games no cell phones, answering machines, call forwarding, etc. I like being unavailable at times. We buy a lot of our shoes, clothes and equipment at second hand stores. I don't have special equipment in the kitchen like a pizza machine, I use the oven. A toaster, I use the oven. Coffee, I use instant drip bags, so I don't need a special machine and only drink 1 cup a day. My hobbies center around survival too, crocheting, making and working with leather, pottery, sewing, etc. The same thing with the boys, they are learning to use a sling shot and the oldest will go to hunter preparation classes in October. Since child support payments are hit or miss, we use them to buy special equipment that we need for survival...like kerosene lanterns, fuel, books, cast iron cookware, etc.
  5. Tommorrow they are moving my Mom to a nursing home...and I am so depressed because I promised her that she wouldn't have to go there. They want her to go there do get therapy 5 times a week...and if she gets any better then she can come back home. She isn't eating anything and isn't drinking, so she's dehydrated and they can't find a vein for the IV. I know she's ready to go to heaven, but I'm not sure I'm ready to see her go. She missed her husband and feels so alone, it's like she's starving herself to death and there is nothing that I can do about it. Please pray for us to have strength and that the Lord's will for her life will be completed. Thanks.
  6. Pass this on to anyone who likes sitting out in the evening or when they're having a cook out. So you don't like those pesky mosquitoes, especially now that they have the potential to carry the West Nile Virus? Here's a tip that was given at a recent gardening forum. Put some water in a white dinner plate and add a couple drops of Lemon Fresh Joy dish detergent. Set the dish on your porch, patio, or other outdoor area. Not sure what attracts them, the lemon smell, the white plate color, or what, but mosquitoes flock to it, and drop dead shortly after drinking the Lemon Fresh Joy/water mixture, and usually within about 10 feet of the plate. Check this out---it works just super! May seem trivial, but it may help control mosquitoes around your home, especially in the South and elsewhere where the West Nile virus is reaching epidemic proportions in mosquitoes, birds, and humans. Pass it along!!!!!!!!!! Hope this is posted in the right place, was interesting to me and I wanted to pass it on.
  7. First off, my homeschool is quite a bit different than others here may be. My son is enrolled in a state (PA) santioned cyber school district. Once enrolled, they sent him all the books, materials and a computer to use. I had to purchase things that you normally purchase for kids going to school: pencils, pens, paper, notebooks. He attends discussions on line and works from a computer driven system called K12 (You can check and see if your state has a similar program.) He is assigned so much work per day and tests, special assignments, etc. must be sent (over the internet or snail mail) to his teachers monthly or you can do it as completed. If you as a teacher get stuck, you can call your child's teacher for that subject and get help. Your child can also attend "cyber classes" with his teachers and fellow students. Our school district has a monthly events calendar and you can pick and choose any or none of the events to attend. These events range from special priced pro-sporting events, bowling outings, picnics, parties, museums, plays, amusement parks, etc. My son loves the other kids he has met in "his school", they are all very polite and nice to him (the regular school kids weren't). His school is gradually moving towards the 12 grade level (advancing one year at a time), and will hold a graduation ceremony when they get there. I am a stay at home disabled mom who needed help teaching my son...on a really bad day I can't help him at all, so my daughter chips in with any problems that he may have had during that day. I am also terrible with Math and he is in advanced Algebra and Trig; so he gets help from his sister as well as his teachers. It mainly mastery based, so I know that he understands something before he moves on to the next thing. Which I think is much better than being bored waiting for other kids to "get it" or being left behind because he didn't "get it". Some of the best things about "homeschooling" is: The fact that if something they are teaching contradicts what I believe, we get to talk about it. I get to spend quality time with my son all day long as we work together. He has ADHD, so if he wants to a lesson standing up...no problem. If he wants to read laying on the couch with his feet in the air...no problem. When his work for the day is done, he can move on to his favorite subjects or projects until his hours are done for that day....and no homework. It adverages out to about 5 hours a day. He can pick his hours...if he wants to get up early and get it out of the way...that's okay. If he wants to work late and sleep in...that's okay too. If my Mom is sick, I can take him along and not have to worry about getting home before him...or something happening at school and having to come home and deal with that. Each child learns differently...if it's mathamatically based, my son can learn it from that aspect (he's a non artistic child, but is great at perspective drawings). He also loves to sing and learns best by singing, so we sing song our way through some difficult, for him, lessons. In his old school, he was on a computer for less than 3 hours a week and no typing classes. Now he has typing classes (30 words per minute) and is learning to zip around the internet (with parental guidelines in effect) He's in 6th grade this year. Hope this helps.
  8. The only way that I currently use a rubber ring, is if I place something in a jar with a blemish on the top (where the seal usually sets) then I will use a rubber ring which sits down on the lip where the rim sits and seal it that way...I then use it first when I get to that years crops. It may be a good idea if you plan on using them post SHTF to try them now, while you can still find replacements. We used to can using them and zinc lids on regular jars, but too much hassle if you ask me.
  9. I've been canning for years and use wide mouths for anything that I want to be able to get out whole. I usually can meats in pint jars since that equals a pound and that's what I use for a meal. If I want a lot of broth on something like chicken in order to make soup, then I can a pounds worth with broth in a quart jar. People want to know how I can get supper on the table in 30 minutes...I'm using canned meats. You will love it once you start doing it. Just a note, pork keeps best canned as opposed to frozen. Pork just doesn't freeze well, but it sure does can nicely. I quess I get to be a big sister to all the almost 50s, since I turned 50 last January.
  10. So with all the people up there in NY you guys couldn't use all that water up before it ran down here to PA and flooded out the lower half of the river valley??? Not me, but it was pretty bad up until today. If I got it right the river reached over 20 feet at Harrisburg. Lots of people had to bug out!!!
  11. Now that your chickens are free ranging and you have all those scraps, get yourself a small pig and a sturdy fence and they will eat all the scraps that you used to feed to the chickens. Including anything left over from Y2K!!!
  12. Grate all the cabbage that's ready and pack it in a five gallon bucket with salt between layers. Pound it for a while until it makes it's own liquid. Top it off with a couple of grape leaves (for the alum). Cover with a plate as big as the bucket an weigh it down to keep it under the liquid. Leave it go for a couple of weeks...scraping the yucky stuff off the top as necessary. Reach under and taste...when as tart as you like it, clean up the top and throw away any that looks weird (don't dump the whole thing because under a couple of inches at most is the best sauerkraut ever. Place in jars and process or freeze.
  13. Copper Penny Salad - the one made with tomato soup Carrot Salad A couple of grated carrots 1 small can of crushed pineapple - drained, but reserve 2 small boxes of raisins, Mix the pineapple juice with a teaspoon of sweetner and a small amount of ginger or cinnamon. You can add just a small amount of mustard and olive oil to make the dressing. Toss and allow to sit in the fridge overnight. To increase the flavor cook the carrots in chicken or beef broth and season as usual.
  14. I haven't bought any yet, but I have heard that it doesn't taste sweet to some people, don't know why, probably genetic, so I need to get some and try it before I stock it. Just saw it the other day at Wallyworld.
  15. Bought another kerosene lamp and some fuel. Packing up single use items for the BOBs and sorting through them and clothing for the kids. Just received a whole bunch of clothing from my neice, her boy is about 2 sizes bigger than our oldest, so I wash them up and place them in bins in the attic and keep them until he grows into them. I haven't had to buy him jeans in about 3 years...I buy him one or two pair of "current jeans" for going away and the hand-me-downs he wears to play and work in.
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