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Senwolfs Stuffed Trout

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Ok first off Im not a 1 cup this 2 table spoons that type of cook. I do the cook to taste method. Hey maybe I like alot of garlic n dont feel the recipie needs more. so im a cook to taste cook.

Now whats better than a bit of fresh trout or salmon? A stuffed trout or salmon smile.gif


To start out you get your fish. It can be several small ones or One big one, It just dont matter. My Aunt Bette prefers a nice fresh steelhead made this way.

Now we got the fish what else do we need?

Wild rice

Cream of any type of soup (no chicken)

*I use cream of mushroom or celery*


Lemon juice


Mushrooms of your choice.(I supose you dont have to have mushrooms but hey I love a good batch of morrels)

Ok the first thing we do is cook the amount of wild rice we think we need to stuff the fish. When the rice is cooked we take it off the stove n drain it unless your like me n really dont have much water left.

In another pan we start heating up the cream of what ever soup. While this is heating i start frying my mushrooms in butter n garlic.

just before the soup is done cooking i add the rice n fried mushrooms.(leave the butter with the mushrooms)

cook this for about 2 more mins while blending the rice mushrooms n soup.( i dont add much water or milk as we want this stuffing to be a paste like consistancy)

when that is finnish i take it off the stove and let cool down to where i can get my hands in it as i use my hand to stuff the fish.

Now to the fish we prep a baking dish with lots of butter chips n garlic. Preheat the oven to 350-400 F (all you cel ppl sorry i dont knwo the conversion.)

While the oven is heating up start stuffing the fish. Then put them in the baking dish.

add your lemon juice and cover with aluminum foil. when the oven is heated start baking.

Now I get a bastter n a brush n baste the fish about every 10 mins and check on em to see how they are cooking. Time to cook depends on size and ammount of fish but im sure you all can tell when a fish is cooked enough. NOTE: feel free to add different spices and salt to your liking . remeber I cook to taste and you may not like what I like you may think I dont add enough lemon or to much garlic. I hope you all enjoy and modify this to fit your tastes. Remeber to also have fun. That is what cooking is to me is fun.

God Bless



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Senwolf, this sounds great! I sure wish I was a fish person...I only eat tuna and maybe shrimp! Anyway, I'm sure it turns out great!


Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, and His love endures forever!

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I don't eat fish (vegetarian), but could use this as a stuffing for something else, it sounds good, and easily adaptable to whatever you have in the fridge - my sort of cooking! I don't buy the tinned soup very often, but sometimes keep a tin in the cupboard "just in case"

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Yes! The stuffing can be used in alot of other things and modified to fit your needs. Like I said I cook to taste. Perhaps say a alterating from the soup to say some tomato sauce or paste n some chilli powder n stuffed into some bell peppers for a twist smile.gif

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Senwolf, ya cook the way I do. After raising 6 kids on make it from scratch meals, I dont know how to cook any other way! Thank you so much for the recipe, I have a freezer full of trout from the river out back, as well as sea bass, striper, and black fish!

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