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I am into dream. I don't know what they mean and everything,

but I have several books and I truly think that they mean



PM me or spill it.


The other night I had a dream that everyone was cold.

I was in an office building and everyone had on coats

and there was no heat. I remember looking down and there

was a rip in my jeans and I could see my long johns.




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I think dreams can mean something. I have had dreams that predicted what was going to happen. Saved me from being bitten by a rattlesnake once.


The recurrent dream I've had since I was a child deals with being in a big old house and going into the attic. There is a lot of strange stuff in the attic and part of the roof is missing. I wake up in a cold sweat with a knot in my stomach every time. Do any of your books interpret that? I haven't found anything that enlightened me.

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I have an Encyclopedia & Dictionary of Dreams. I tried

using it on my dream but it does not make sense.


I had another dream where we were digging a pond, we

already had a shallow pond and we were making it deeper

and we had some men out working on it and while they

were digging they found a Civil War soldier. My SIL

came over and she saw some toys that I had created.


These two dreams are the only ones that I remember.

The rest are gone when I wake up.


I would like to have more info on your dream. Is it

your house, what kind of weird stuff? Is the roof old

or just missing?


Dreaming is so mysterious. Why don't more poeple wonder

about these things? I could go on for days about it.



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I remember in the 70s "dream explanation books" were all the rage. But in my experience, the images in dreams are related only to the dreamer's reality. The idea that one item means one thing to everyone is just silly.


I have certain dreams that I have at different times.


When I dream of working back at the Post Office, it's when I feel like I'm falling way behind (out of control) in something in my life.


When I dream about being in high school and missing certain classes and a test is coming up (I never skipped - it's a dream thing), it's when something (concrete) is coming up that I feel totally unprepared for.


When I dream about tornadoes or a big storm coming, I'm feeling that forces beyond my control are pushing/pulling me, and I'm unprepared for the unknown.


When I dream of being naked in public and no one else notices or cares, I know I'm in a very vulnerable state.


Most of my dreams are variations of these. I'm such an introspective thinker that I eventually figure things out.


It's been storm dreams lately.

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Cat, I hadn't thought to analyse how I was feeling, what I was going through at the time... makes sense to me.


I have two recurring dreams. The first is I am totally unprepared for cheerleading tryouts... never happened as I was always prepared, but why do I dream this 20 years after the last tryout

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My MIL had a dream once that she saw two very large

buildings and they looked just alike and as she was

looking at them they fell down!


Several days later, yes, 9/11 happend right after that.


She told us this dream the day of 9/11. She was really



A couple of years ago we went on a Disney Cruise. A few

days before we left my MIL told us that she saw Sam, he

was a toddler then, fall off the side of the boat. We

were scared then. We went anyway but I was a total wreck

the whole time we were above deck. I wouldn't let him

go for fear of her dream.


Now Cat, the one dream I had that showed men digging the

pond for us. The book said that we would get more money.

Because we had people working for us to do the job. Well,

my husband got a small raise this week.



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Here is a sample for the introduction

They should be listed in the order they will be addressed in the manuel, but


What would you do if:


your family were to suddenly find themselves with out an income?


There were an earthquake in your area ?


A hurricane is coming?

You woke up to find the power out and everything outside your house were covered with an inch or 2 of ice, there are power lines down the phone is out?


There is a 3 foot of snow, there is still a blizzard raging out side and the roads are impassable?


There is a tornado headed your way?


The radio won’t work, your TV is out, the phone won’t work , there is no electricity and your car won’t start all in 1 morning? Would you know it was likely an EMP (Electromagnetic Impulse)

A virus of epidemic proportions were in your town?


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