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Thanks Lois


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Lois has not only given us a great intro to the basic prep section of the manual and finished the section on water, but she's also tackling the herb section. That on top of doing the Snow and ice storm info for the specific disasters section.

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Thanks, I saw them also and have them earmarked to go in the manual. Is it okay for me to pull in some of this info for the book? Will anyone mind if the posts are used in that way? I wasn't sure of how to handle that.



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I ask Nana before suggesting hers, they of course will be given credit for their work.

I just thought it best to ask, if they didn't do it especially for the manual.

I have no objection at all to my posts being used.

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I believe for now that we are just hoping to get it all together and in some sort of readable shape, perhaps for downloading. I'd like to see Darlene have it for sale though to help defray the cost of this web site but I think that's something that will have to be decided later. We'd have to be very careful about copywrites and all that sort of thing. I really believe this could be a warm encouraging, informative and very useful book.


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