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  1. I see you are from Kentucky, I am assuming anyway....so am I....just thought I would say HI

  2. well, i have carrots and tomatos spinach and herbs in my garden. i dont imagine that they weould want the potatoes...lol the racoons have damaged my basil, and oregano. i have seen the paw prints in the dirt, they also upset my cherry tomatos. they dont seem to be a huge problem, but my veggies are not ripe yet, so i imagine they are keeping an eye on them for whenthey are ripe? i dont know...anyways, my time is running out here at this fine cafe, and i have to go meet pat and morrigan in the park. i will let you know what happens. thanks!
  3. i got my package from westbrook! you spoiled me rotten!! i got BEAUTIFULL potpouri elephant, carved soapstone, some tea lites and 2 flavours of simmering liquid for it. hazel nut crean and flowers. also a super cute pink elephant candle a pair of folding scissors which now reside in my purse, and something i have been qwanting and need which is not availible in canada!!! THE BALL BLUE BOOK AND 4 PIECE UTENSIL SET!!! you have NO idea how perfect that is as I just got a water bath canner and a big box of jars from my mother in law! besides that MIL has a cherrty tree in her yard and we have been ordered to help ourselves!!
  4. whats green and has wheels? grass, i lied about the wheels.
  5. i had a 72 chevelle that i could not afford to fixc up so i ended up selling it for partrs.
  6. Kygal


    congratz kevinand jo!! i supposse that is why you called me...by the time i realized you had called, it was well past 10 your time. i dislike living in a different time zone that you! heh love you!!
  7. so, it turnes out it is a mother board problem. we are having the entire pc overhauled and rebuilt with many new parts. hopefully we will be back online in a month or so. i miss you all!!
  8. ok, i have a few minutes to kill, in a cafe with the worst internet pay system ever. i have had to mess with codes, and the computer shutting down on me several times...i am here only so i could apply for a job online at rona. the application time is 10 minutes, so i paid for 15. one minute in to the application the computer shuts down and tells me i havce no time. (hugs for everyone!!)
  9. i am in an internet cafe during a lunch break so i thought i would pop in for a quick moment to say hi. all 3 of my computers are now not working, thats why i have been away. but quick news update. pat got a better job, he will be tiling, and i maybe getting a better job doing one of 3 things, depends on them of course. right now i am at white spot for 8 bux an hour, and i am trying to get work at either a deli for 10 bux, rona for 9.50, or doing renos for a friends company for even more! so, i hope i can got the reno job, i am not sure of they even need anyoner yet. oh well, as long as we can get all out debts paid off sooner. we are plannign to buy a mac laptop, so as soon as we can manage to get some sort of pc working, we will be online. i miss you all!!!!
  10. glad you liked it! and glad you got it of course!
  11. WD40 or thinner. WD40 is great at getting gummy gunk off glass, however, it leaves its own mess, but plain soap and water get that off, as well as windex.
  12. happy mamas day! i found out that i will be getting a raise in 4 weeks at work. i love my mama and sisters and brother so much!! i was out all day and i did not have time to call nanny, but i did call my mama, and i talked to her for a bit. i think 11:00 is too late to phone my nanny. i have to go to bed now. we rented a movie that has to be back. i work across the street from the video store, but fir some reason i can never seem to get movies back on time! night all, sleep well!
  13. thats great! wait'll ya'll see what I"M sendin'! hah hah
  14. i too have a MOUNTAIN of laundry to fold, but i doubt much of it will get folded today. i have to greyhound a BIG box of baby clothes and an excersaucer to my sister (not jo, our other dear sister, carmen) and i have to show a friend of mine where nestle waters is so that she can get moving boxes. they just baught a house. of all my herbs, i use that one the most! is there something i dont know about oregano planting that i might have done wrong? my lavender has not sprouted eiher, and its been 2 weeks. everything else i planted that same day has sprouted. anyways, i have to get ready to go. have a good day all!
  15. BUMP! i have 2 barrells and they are sprouting nicely. however i was unsure as to how many seed potatos to put in per barrell. is 2 or 3 to much? the barrells and actually good sized trash bins with holes in the bottoms.
  16. it has been so rainy and wet here that i am afraid the rain is squashing my plant sprouts attempt at growing more than an inch! the hail aint helping either.
  17. that really IS a great idea! they cut bilnds at pats work, and they just toss em out. i will have to get him to collect them for me. thanks!
  18. i have lavender, basil and roman camomile in hanging baskets. the roman camomile is a ground cover, so i figured it would be ok. i dont know about the lavender though.
  19. can i "spoil"the surprise and PM my spring fling pal? i peeked and she has not really been posting in a bit...
  20. i miss grace! she is such a sweetie!
  21. i saw the PERFECT white elephant...but they wanted 20 bux for it! yarrgh....still looking
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