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Bird Flu suspected in Canada

Judy Moist

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Was just watching the FOX News channel,, they are reporting a gosling is being suspected of having the H5 Avian flu, this is in the Eastern province Prince Edward Isle areas. they are doing more testing to see which strain.... I am trying to find a link on the net too check out the story further, this was on the headline scroll on the news...


This has really got me concerned, I have noticed more than usual dead birds laying around.. at first thought it was because of the cats, but I put on some gloves and checked a couple out and neither one has any injuries to them that would indicate a cat getting them... so really getting concerned.. what if west nile isn't enough to worry about, now the avian flu..

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Here's a link:





Avian flu found in P.E.I.

Last Updated Fri, 16 Jun 2006 17:52:33 EDT

CBC News

Avian flu has been found in a gosling on a poultry farm in Prince Edward Island.


The chief health officer for the province confirmed the findings.


Dr. Lamont Sweet says further testing needs to be done to determine the exact strain of the virus.


"The goslings, four of them, became ill last weekend and died eventually by Monday morning," said Sweet. "One of them was sent for testing and found to be positive. What we are doing at this time is just setting up a monitoring of the people who were exposed closely to this gosling on the farm and being on the alert for any unusual illness."


Sweet believes this may be the first case of avian flu in Atlantic Canada.


"From the information we have received, there is a low risk of human illness at the present time," said Sweet in an earlier news release. "We are monitoring evidence of flu-like symptoms or eye infections in those who have come in contact with domestic or wild birds in the O'Leary area."


O'Leary is about 130 kilometres west of Charlottetown.


No evidence of dangerous strain


Officials say the virus comes from the H5 strain. But there's no evidence it's the virulent H5N1 version that stirs fears of a pandemic among humans.


Further testing will take place over the weekend at the Atlantic Veterinary College to determine the exact strain and virulency of the virus. The results of those tests are expected next week.


Although different types of avian flu have been discovered in some birds in Canada, none have contained H5N1.


That strain has claimed more than 100 lives around the world, according to the World Health Organization. Most of the deaths were among people who were in close contact with infected poultry.


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West Nile affects more than just song birds,, Last year around this time, we were alerted by our local health departments that if we spotted any dead birds to give them a call and let them check it out to see if it is west nile.. I am calling our department in the morning, to see if they have had any other reports.. I have spotted 10 dead birds in our small area today 2 of those were in my yard...

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West Nile does affect all sorts of birds as well as people. However, there are other reasons that birds die in numbers in an area, the most prevalent is the bird feeders in back yards. Unless kept clean, bird feeders, especially in hot humid weather, can carry salmonella and other bacteria which can kill birds in a given area.


Unfortunately, though I've seen this happen often, I've also seen episodes of West Nile do the same thing. It's good to have the birds tested. We have already had two cases of west nile in Illinois this year and we've noticed the mosquito population is rampant already.


I would not look for avian flu to be in the lower states yet if it's being carried by wild birds. We would most likely see that during migration in the fall when they are coming BACK from Canada but it could come in on illegal birds or just through movement and sales of poultry. Let's hope that the goslings in Canada have some less virulent strain that will cause no problem.


I hope your birds test negative for EVERYTHING. But it's scary just the same.



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In our area last summer we had several cases reported for west nile, also several of our neighboring counties..When my mother passed away 3 years ago,, they thought the disease she had was related to the west nile virus.. so that is why I get worrisome over the thought of this right now,,,,


I know the bird flu isn't here yet,, but just the thought that these two illness's comes from birds and both can be/and or/are deadly to humans........



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