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Warehouse raided


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Troy Warehouse Raided in Bird Flu Investigation


Detroit-- Hundreds of pounds of illegally imported meat and chicken have been confiscated by federal and state investigators.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture worked with the Michigan Department of Agriculture on a raid at a Troy warehouse.

Investigators found chicken,goose and pork products from areas in China infected by Bird Flu, Local 4 reported.


USDA investigators seized more than 1,600 pounds of illegally imported poulrty and pork products, the station

reported. Most of the products were mislabeled and put into boxes that read tilapia, according to the report.


Go USDA, it's good to know we have one government agency on it's toes.

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You know, this *really* makes me wonder...



There are SO many Chinese buffets that have sprung up around here (northern IN), and they're all about the same. They open a business and offer all-you-can-eat at pretty reasonable rates, AND they employ Chinese workers exclusively, most of whom can't even communicate well with customers. I've heard that they are housed together and transported to and from work, severely limiting any "outside" communications.


It's so common that one dummy bought a restaurant right beside another established one, so of course it didn't survive.


Many of these restaurants are hounded by the Health Department, because they tend to not understand or are too lazy/money-conscious to follow safe food practices. Several have been shut down temporarily.


My point:

If they are running these restaurants to make money by using Chinese workers like slaves, and cutting costs by cutting health "corners", why wouldn't they illegally import meat products directly from China, too?



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