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Don't know if I posted this. Hope you enjoy and its true.


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I don't know if I posted this in another forum but I hope you all enjoy it. I am exhausted so I think I am going to go back to bed this am. I swear these animals have a built in alarm clock to tell them when to wake up after midnight and drive me crazy keeping me up all night.


Does anyone know if Cats and Dogs have some kind of crazy ritual they perform once a month for about a week.

For the past week my little sweet faced pudnums have become nuclear powered robopets creating all kinds of havic in my bedroom from just after midnight until the wee hours of the morning.

It all starts up when my shih-tzu Sam Clemmons follows me up to bed. Since I have had him he loves to snuggle at the bottom of the bed and keep my feet warm. Every once in a while he will secure a spot to warm himself up between the boss and myself although he senses on Kentucky Fried Chicken Baked Bean Night that some putrid rumblings will enter his space so he opts to sleep on the old trunk with my homemade afghan we have at the bottom of the bed.

All is well and the pup and I are settled on the featherbed mattress for the night so comfortable so relaxed, watching a bit of the tele while waiting for slumber to take hold of us both.


We can hear the footsteps of the boss slowly coming up the stairs to bed and terror fills our half slumbering eyes. Sam goes into the possessive, curious, semi attack mode while we wait for the footsteps to make their way to the bedroom. The boss finally enters the room and Sam and I peek over Sam's blanket to see if the boss was followed to the bedroom area.

Just as we are about to give a sigh of relief a cute tiny little face with big green eyes pops up on the old trunk and gives Sam and I the once over.

For the life of me I don't know how such an innocent sweet little kitty can become the Terminator in a matter of seconds.

All is fairly quiet and puss hops up on a lounge chair in the bedroom and makes himself comfortable. Our pup is a CNN Fan so we turn it to CNN leave the tv on and the sound low so that he can watch the news all night long. ( you think he would have news burnout by now)

Just as we doze off to sleep the puss decides he is going to saunter over to the tv and try to spring those people who are locked in the tv!

He is a curious little devil and he stands in front of the entertainment unit on the other side of the bedroom surveying and strategizing a plan of action in his little cat brain. In the meantime Sam and I ( who know trouble is going to start) watch the puss's moves.

As soon as puss jumps up on the Unit and bats at the tv screen the puppy starts to bark and the all night games begin between the two of them. Puss has captured the attention of the Pup and Puss literally winds up like a toy top. This crafty little puss decides to torture our once docile pup by flinging a paw at the pooches tail, jumping on pups back and over us as we try to sleep. Pup only takes so much and a real pup and puss boxing match ensues on the lower half of the bed between the two pets.

By this time the boss is up because I am yelling at him to get up and poop out the puss so that I, Queen of the House can get a decent nights sleep. The boss takes puss downstairs to have him chase the light of a flashlight or play with his bell which will tire him out. After what seems like a while the boss comes back up the stairs to bed. He has much success making the puss tired so he will be quiet enough to let us sleep for the rest of the night. Even the pup has had enough and wants to sleep.

I decide that the TV should be shut off so that peace and quiet can lull us back to sleep and


By this time I am pulling my hair out of my head, waking up the boss who is sleeping through the puppys barking while the puss chases the pup around, under, on top of and down on the floor near the bed . I threaten both animals with abolishment from the bedroom to the doghouse ( we don't own one) along with a few mumblings in Italian of what I really want to do with both of them.

All of a sudden after a long night of hell the room goes silent. Its 6 am and the only one who has slept in between all the ruckus, when I am not waking him up to take care of the babies, is the boss.

The pup is exhausted and decides to curl up next to me on the bed while the puss heads back to the chair for a days worth of sleep. I look at them both through my bleary eyes which have suffered from lacked of sleep all night and I am ready to pass out and sleep the whole day.

When the boss bought the kitty he noticed that the kitty had three little triangles on the top of his head. The boss proclaimed that was some kind of nuclear design. I looked at the marks and sure enough I was familiar with them.

Could it be this puss had some Three Mile Island genes in his blood.

I look at the angelic little face of the sleeping puss and shake my head and think how can one little Kitten wreck the harmony of a home yet melt your heart with its kisses and playfulness.

Well I think I will curl up with the pup whose smart enough to get some rest for round three of hell night in the bedroom tonight. That pup is no fool. He will be ready and waiting for puss games to begin. Hopefully this night coming he will ignore the nuke puss and stay quiet so I can get some sleep. If not Its the doghouse for the pup, the boss and the kitty.





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This is why I haven't asked for one of your beagle pups every time you post their adorable pics Ed! grin.gif Believe me I've been tempted, but then I think of the hell my life would become with 3 cats and a dog and regain my sanity!! LOL



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This Kitten has a mind of its own I tell ya!

When you least expect it out of nowhere up pops half a kitty face with those homing in on you device ears and a couple of saucer eyes, so innocent,listening and looking at you surveying the situation before he strikes. If he doesn't ponce or prance over us on the bed and tease the dog, starting at the stroke of midnight, he's rolling his kitty balls with the bells inside them ( I don't know how to phrase that gals) up and down the stairs, all over the house for at least an hour. Then he starts chattering and does it on a continual basis all night which sets the dog barking and this goes on all night llllooooooonnnnnnnggggggggg!




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