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Postage for packages?


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We have a friend in Kuwait to support this year.


Plus we are supplying another 25 boxes of goodies. Mostly snacks and stuff.


Dh went to the PO to mail the first box and was told they cannot go Parcel Post, and they must go "Priority" - to the tune of $25 each! eek


Was this clerk wrong? Or is there something I don't get? We are mailing to an APO on the east coast. We have to include the customs form because it is going overseas. No insurance or other extras.



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All the packages I’ve sent to APO’s via the USPS had to be sent Priority mail.


The USPS now has military kits, which you can get for free. The kits contain an assortment of boxes

and postage is priority mail, flat rate, to any APO in the world for $8.10, regardless of weight.


Here are a few tips and such at the USPS website.









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