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Bubble and Squeek

Purdy Bear

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This recipe is one you can add just about anything too. It's to use up anything in the fridge.



The basic recipe is:


Cooked and cold Cabbage ( a little less then the potatoe)

Mashed Potato, cooked and cold

Cooking Oil


Take the oil and put it in a frying pan (not too much) and put on to a medium heat.


Take the Cabbage and Mashed Potatoe and mix it together.


Once oil is hot place the mixture in the pan, and let it sizzel. Don't stur it or prod, just let it sit in the soil. Too much oil will make it go soggy and it wont brown.


Only turn the mixture over once it has browned, and cook the same on the other side.


Serve with cold meats, salad, or typical fry up (eggs, sausage etc).


Some people add spring onions, brussel sprouts etc.

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Thank you! I will try this again today!




Why is it called Bubble & Squeak? I hafta know this story! lol


No salt, pepper, seasonings?


What kind of oil is traditionally used?


Do you make one big something-or-another of potato/cabbage in the pan, or several smaller "cakes"?


Does it make a difference if the ingredients are cold, or not? I'm cooking the cabbage and potatoes now...how cool/cold do they have to be, before mixing them together? This temperature factor just may be the reason why my last attempt was a mess? (I didn't have a lot of oil in the pan, but just enough to fry it without sticking.)



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Hiya, let me see if I can help.


I dont tend to add salt to my cooking and dont think this really needs anything else but you might prefer to add something. It goes nice with brown sauce, worcestershire sauce etc.


I've only ever made it from cold, ie all leftovers go in the fridge and I then make it straight from the fridge. I use vegetable oil to fry it, doesnt matter what you use really. For me, I think it tastes better with other leftover vegetables thrown in, but try it with potato and cabbage and see what you think.


Its called bubble and squeak due to the action and sound made during the cooking process (oil and water together)



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I think low to medium temperature. Oil to cover bottom of pan only, you're just heating up and crisping a bit as the food is already cooked.


It kind of plop plops when its cooking, maybe it doesnt do that if you're not refrigerating first. I have no idea lol



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