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vaccine halt?


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Mexico has 2,000 new cases in the last two days and swine flu is sweeping through California according to Crofsblog. Also, New York City healthcare workers have filed an injuction to halt the nationwide roll out of the H1N1 vaccine stating it has not been properly tested. It will be interesting to see the ruling on this.

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Ah! Finally found the link http://crofsblogs.typepad.com/h5n1/


Didn’t see much that was new, remarkable or of serious concern to me. The “lawyer” quote about not knowing of another live vaccine for flu reveals lack of legitimate medical knowledge. Physician quote in California story is more credible “Horton said he considered the flu outbreak to be consistent with what is seen during a "moderately severe seasonal flu outbreak."


So far increased reporting in numbers isn’t all that unexpected considering now time of year for typical flu season to begin. Either an early season or a long tedious one. The numbers do bear watching. Physicians are seeing a lot of kids and younger people for flu like illnesses. That should concern any parent. I believe upwards of one third pregnant women with H1N1 have been hospitalized past few months with complications. Hitting them hard. Other than that, most people are recovering without incident. However, if numbers should continue to dramatically increase, the simple odds are perhaps surpassing the normal 36,000 annual flu deaths. Not rocket science. The flu is the flu. It’s contagious. It can be miserable few days, longer for those immunocompromised, and yes some people die from it. People should wash their hands, cover mouth/nose when coughing or sneezing, stay home if sick, get flu shots if they want to, not if they don’t, and those (ugh) lawyers can stop spreading both germs and bad information.



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they only would get it requested at a voluntary level if they could get it changed from being required.


Here is news from yahoo news this evening. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20091015/india_nm/india431943



H1N1 flu causes unusual damage to lungs - studies





H1N1 flu causes unusual damage to lungs - studies Reuters – Esosa Otoadese reads over information about the H1N1 swine flu vaccine her three year-old son will receive …

Thu Oct 15, 2:20 pm ET


WASHINGTON Reuters) – The new pandemic H1N1 flu may cause blood clots and other unusual damage in the lungs and doctors need to be on the lookout, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday.

Two studies published in the American Journal of Roentgenology show the need to check X-rays and CT scans for unusual features, and also point out swine flu can be tricky to diagnose in some of the sickest patients.


H1N1 flu is causing a pandemic, and while it is not particularly deadly, it is sickening many younger adults and older children who usually escape the worst effects of seasonal flu.


"It is therefore essential that clinicians be able to recognize possible cases of pandemic H1N1 influenza in high-risk groups so that they order the appropriate diagnostic tests, begin specific antiviral therapy, and prepare to provide intensive supportive measures as needed," Dr. Daniel Mollura of the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Maryland and colleagues wrote.


One middle-aged man who died was not diagnosed until after death, but unusual findings on his X-rays may be able to help doctors save other, similar patients.


Mollura's team found irregularities called ground-glass opacities in the patient's lungs using a CT scan. Although the patient was severely ill and had a fever, he tested negative for flu and doctors did not treat him for it.


The man died five days after he went into the hospital and the autopsy confirmed he had swine flu. The lung lesions seen on his CT scan matched lung damage done by the virus, Mollura and colleagues said.


In another study in the same journal, CT scans of patients with severe cases of swine flu showed many had pulmonary emboli, which block the arteries in the lungs, a team at the University of Michigan found.


Anticoagulant drugs can break up these clots and save lives.


Dr. Prachi Agarwal and colleagues examined 66 patients diagnosed with H1N1, 14 of them who were in the intensive care unit. All 66 got standard X-rays, which can show if a patient has pneumonia.


They performed enhanced X-rays known as computed tomography or CT scans on 15 of the patients, 10 of them who were in the ICU on ventilators to help them breathe. Five of the ICU patients had the blood clots in the lungs, Agarwal reported


"Our study suggests that patients who are severely ill with H1N1 are also at risk for developing pulmonary emboli, which should be carefully sought for on contrast-enhanced CT scans," Agarwal said in a statement.


"The majority of patients undergoing chest X-rays with H1N1 have normal radiographs (X-rays)," she added. Pulmonary emboli are also not normally seen in flu, she said.


"CT scans proved valuable in identifying those patients at risk of developing more serious complications as a possible result of the H1N1 virus, and for identifying a greater extent of disease than is appreciated on chest radiographs."


(Reporting by Maggie Fox; Editing by Julie Steenhuysen and Cynthia Ostemran)


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they only would get it requested at a voluntary level if they could get it changed from being required.


Exactly. This is why the lawyer should have filed labor union claim. Instead, injunction for complete vaccine halt is designed to stop everyone from voluntary access. The average joe has enough gump to think, study, research, and educate themselves prior to health choices. Good find on the article Arby! Sounds reasonable. Large numbers of people have/had H1N1 and went undiagnosed. Many people carry staph in their nose or on their skin. Often don’t cause problems until conditions arise in body that allows it to flare up and cause illness.



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