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Homecoming postponed due to flu


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They have had to cancel our homeschool enrichment classes for the last couple of weeks because of families being ill. There have been several kids in the public schools that have been extremely sick and alot of absences. My dd(14) stayed home today but it looks like it's only allergies..thank God. Several of her friends have had the H1N1 and it totally wiped out their immune systems (one girl had a white count of 1). There is a young boy(9) that they airlifted to OKC last night that needs to be BATHED in prayer. He has H1N1 and menengitis(sp?)...drs say it does not look good.


DH's dr told us that they are doing 500+ flu tests per week in our town of approx 27,000 and all that test positive for the flu are the H1N1 strain.


We are trying several things that dh's dr. suggested along with a couple of other preventative things and so far so good. As long as I can get all the family to be cooperative and not slack off I think we will be okay.




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So, are you staying home? Are you minimizing all exposure? I am leaving this week on vacation and hoping that nobody gets sick. We are going on a family reunion cruise to Bermuda. I am already concerned about the viruses that seem to hang out on cruise ships because my mom and her boyfriend have no immune systems to speak of. At least my kids and I are usually quite healthy and we will be taking precautions.

We will be taking herbals during the trip and of course I will have lots of hand sanitizer,,,,

We will be back for Halloween, I sure hope we can avoid getting sick. It is too late to cancel without losing all the money already paid out.

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I'm in Southern Oregon. Unfortunately I can't keep the family home. DH has to work, and I am a full time nursing student doing clinicals in the hospital this term! I am carefully selecting my patients to not include anyone with respiratory symptoms and will be getting the vaccine as soon as they have some available. I am using hand sanitizer, and avoiding touching my face so I am just praying I don't get sick before I get the vaccine!

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I was so worried I might have the flu a while back but was diagnosed with sinus and bronchitis infection then after I took meds I had a relapse and cant seem to get rid of this cough. The doc says it is because of my allergies. I have been on medicine now since August. Two different Antibiotics. I am so tired of this. I also had an ear infection. I am scared people will think I have the flu and I work in the public sector. I am thinking I am going to take a big stamp and stamp my forehead just allergies per my doc on my head. I use hand sanitizer all the time and I might go as far as buying a face mask if it wouldn't scare children. I hurt so bad one day from coughing I thought I cracked a rib. They tested me no flu. Sent me back to work. Had the flu shot already months ago when they first come out anyway of the regular. Just worried what might happen I see so many people and not the best kind those that don't take care of them selves. Druggies and as my husband says the underbelly of society where I work.

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