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OK, so you look around and see the economy tanking, and you see your personal income shrinking, or it's worrying you that it will. Maybe your payments are falling behind, maybe you have a family crisis that threatens your financial security, maybe you're just plain *scared*.


You start wandering around the internet and you find "Mrs Survival". Hmmm, it's alive and it's interesting. Maybe they have some ideas.


But now what?


Registering is a good first step. You can lurk and read without registering, but when you register, you can have access to a few other features that the casual reader doesn't.


Like our private women's forum where we sometimes share more intimate struggles. (Ask Cat to get in.)


Like "The Edge", where we can discuss the nitty-gritty realities of preparedness. (You must ask Darlene directly to enter.)


Like "The 2nd Amendment", a forum about firearms.


Like "Fireside", containing member-written stories with survival themes, and discussions generated by them.



So maybe you've been reading and you see the sense of trying to store a few things ahead "just in case"... now what? My money's already short, how do I buy even more? What do I buy? How do I store it so it doesn't go bad?


Here's a good place to explore, to start:



It's located in the "Are you Really Ready?" forum, at the top in the sub-forum "Survival Library". It's at the top of that... "Budget and Storage Plans".


There are $20 a week plans, with weekly suggestions. There's a list of the first 100 things that quickly disappear in a disaster. There's tips on preparing for a baby's needs.



In the Kitchen, we have lots of suggestions for cutting costs in your food budget. Many of them require more time in the kitchen, but will fill your family for less money and still be nutritious and satisfying. Look in the sub-forum "Kitchen Recipes" for threads like "poverty cooking" (eating cheaply in hard times) and "Mare's collection of money-saving mixes", where you'll find all kinds of mixes you can put together yourself for less money.



So if you're saving money and trying to prepare, what about preserving your own food? Can you can? Dehydrate? What does it take? How do I start? How do I find out what's involved before I invest any money? Is it better? How do I use it?


You find those answers in our "Preserving the Harvest" forum. The sub-forums are "Preserving the Harvest - Recipes", where you'll find step-by-step pictures of the canning processes in several great recipes. And in "Tools of the Trade" you'll find threads about canning supplies and reviews, dehydrator basics, buying used equipment, and discussions on whether or not you can use those nice smooth-top stoves for canning (some can't).



And we have a forum called "Pinching Pennies", where you'll find lots of goodies to help save money.



In "The Best of MrsSurvival", you'll find a sub-forum called "MrsSurvival's Hall of Fame". Some of our very best material is found here. In addition to some of the threads I referenced above, you'll find "Step By Step Bread", and a whole section on saving money doing laundry... everything from making your own detergent to line-drying dos and don'ts.




And when life gets just too overwhelming, we have both "Streams In The Desert", a place for spiritual comforts, and "Humor Me!" for some great belly laughs to reset your compass.



And you can send me a private message to ask where things are without any public posting, if you like. Any time, about anything. ;) Just click on the little envelope under my name to the left.



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