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This s the first time all of my sister's boys have been deployed at the same time. It is hard on her. We have had more nephews deployed at one time before, but this is the first time they were all from one family. She, as well as her boys and their families can use all of the prayers that they can get. Joe and David are in Afghanistan and Brian is in Iraq. As far as I know, none of my other nephews are deployed right now, but with so many in the military that is something that can change so quickly. We started a forum for blue and gold star families and friends a few years ago after my nephew Justin was killed in Iraq. Starfamilies (http://starfamilies.cleanportal.com/ )where one of the things that we try to do is keep a running post of all soldiers that have been KIA. This is one of the duties that my sister has. It is harder to do when her own sons are deployed. Please keep her in your prayers with my nephews.



When your spouse is deployed,you may not get support, but if you live near a base, or the whole unit is deployed there maybe something set up. No it isn't easy, but there are some support systems set up. Yet for the parents, they are often on their own. In cases like my sisters, there may be several siblings in the service and all deployed. When I think of my nephews, I think of the movie "Saving Private Ryan". Soemtimes the parents really do sacrifice a lot and not just if they lose their son or daughter. When they see a news story, they worry could that be their kid. When they haven't heard from their kid for a while, they wonder if anything has happened. They do not get support from anyone. Work doesn't understand why they are feeling out of sorts. Yes, the spouse and children may miss the soldier more, but the parents feel this loss and in cases like my sister it is multiplied by not just one family member deployed but several. I support the soldiers, but also try to support their families. That is why we stared Starfamilies to begin with. It i a way to offer that support. I have told my sister, that I know it isn't the same, but she can show her support by proudly displaying her blue star banner, yet although there are bumper stickers and t-shirts and other things out there for a parent , spouse, child and even brother or sister, you won't find one that says Proud Aunt or Uncle. We want to show our support as well, but we are on our own. Having said that it is still worse for the parents of multiple soldiers, and in a family that has already known loss, even though it hasn't been your child, it makes it even worse. After all, she was there offering her support when her brother-in-law and sister-in-law lost their son in 2007 and living through that is in the back of her head every time her boys get deployed. now it is there for all of them.

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God bless your family members for stepping up and serving their country! You make a lot of valid points about the family members that are often forgotten. I will keep you sister and her boys in my prayers and will start looking around for other opportunities to support military families. They really do sacrifice a lot.

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The families is something that I have thought about alot in the past. I see it everyday watching how they have to get ready to have Daddy leave. (My experience has always been the military men.) I have seen the wives have to have their babies alone. THe kids not having Daddy close on their birhtday, Christmas, etc. I have seen the lss when Daddy willnever come home again. When someone joins the military, in a sense the rest of the family also joins only they don't get the pay, the notice, just the effects. Their risks may not be exactly the same as the service member, because it isn't their life that is at risk, but it is how they live. They sacrifie every day. When it comes to the spouse and chidren, people at least aknowlege what they are going through. For the parnts, grandparents, brothers and sisters, people sometimes notice, but usually don't give any thought to what they are going through. And yes it isn't quite the same as it is for the soldiers family, but they do miss their son, daughter, grandchild, brother or sister. You get just one step away from their to the aunts, uncles and cousisn and people don't even think about what you may feel at all. My brother and I ahve talkeda bout the blue and gold star families. The stars allow a parent or a spouse to show their connection to the soldier so others can see, but even that is only for the parents and spous, not the brothers, sisters, other relatives or even close friends that are like family. We sometimes forget how much we touch each others lives and how much what happens to or with those we are connected to affect us. I belong to Soldiers Angels and have adopted soldiers. I tell my soldiers to pass along my support to their families toob eause they are also sacrificing. That they need just as much to hear the thank yous and get the support as the soldiers do. We can so easily forget that.

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