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send a cup of coffee to a GI

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Wish I saw this before vets day last week ...... how cool is this!

If you really enjoy coffee or better if you are cutting down - share that cup!

Got this from a friend that did it for her Mom's Birthday!

. You make a donation and they buy cups of coffee and serve them to American soldiers in cafes all over the world: Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. When you make a donation, you can make it in someone's name. And, you can include your email address.


After got home Sunday night and checked her email. There were already 32 messages posted from gi's who had gotten a cup of coffee and a note explaining who had made the donation. Most of them wished my mom a happy birthday. A few told us a bit about themselves. All said how much it meant to them to have a sign from folks back home that someone was thinking of them.


Hey guys . . . . have one on me! :mornincoffee::americanflag::pc_coffee:


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