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Girl Scout Ramen Noodle Stuff


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I got this recipe when I was in Scouts. We won't say how many years ago but it's been longer than my 2 kids have been around put together. We cooked it in a coffee can over coals. When DS started high adventure with Scouts we tried dehydrating the ingredients and it turned out wonderfully. If you use dehydrated you will need more water than what the soup calls for so that it's not too thick.



2 packages chicken ramen noodles - broken up

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 large can chicken

1 can mixed veggies


Mix everything including the flavor pack mix from the noodles and liquid from the veggies and chicken in a pot. Add 1 soup can of water (more if it's too thick). Bring to a boil and cook until heated throughly and noodles are done. It makes enough for 2 adults, 1 teen boy and 1 girl (unless DS is super hungry).


For backpacking we put everything in a heavy duty baggie and use Tony Chachare's mushroom soup mix with enough powdered milk to make the milk it calls for and dehydrate everything else. I sent half with DH and half with DS last time and they said it was about the right amount after a day on the trail. They put the heavy duty baggie in a 4C Ziploc container with a lid that was in a sleeve made from bubble wrap insulation. After they poured in 2C boiling water, they sealed the baggie and put the top on the container, then waited 15-20 minutes. I made it with the Girl Scouts this way, but forgot the baggie because I wanted to show them what I had put in it. The baggie must have made a difference, because it took longer to rehydrate without it. The baggie also made for easy clean up.


DD grabbed the Tony Chachare's White Gravy instead of the Mushroom soup yesterday and it turn out to be very good as well.

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You're welcome. And thank you Cat for letting me know I missed the request. :ashamed0002: Things get a little :sassing: when school's in.


BTW I just remembered we left out the mushroom soup when they took it backpacking. Maybe that's why mine at Girl Scouts was a little too thick and veggies took a long time. :blink:

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