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how to grow the peanut and 105 ways to prepare it for human consumption

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When I was a teenager I first read a reprint of this bulletin by George Washington Carver and was fascinated.  Since I have founbd a great number of his bulletins fromn the Tuskegee Institute, on many as0ects of subsistence farming.  But what I like best is that after he tells you how to grow a particular southern croo, and why, and how to utilize it, he generally gives a great number of recioes which are very good indeed.  So he has become one of my historical go-tos on basic farm crops, especially in that he spacialized in cros for the Southern and susbsistence farmer.  Fascinating and useful, too.  

He did bulletins on acorns as animal feed, sweet potatoes, cowpeas, wild plums, how tu build worn out soils, peanuts, tomatoe, sweet potatoes, foraging greens, poultry raising, raising hogs, canning and preserving, to make some of the b ulletins I have cached.  All geared toward the small farmer rather than big business.  Just my cup of tea!gw carver how to grow the peanut and 105 ways of preparing it.pdf

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