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Fitness Tip: mentally be strong

I’ve recently started the Army Fitness Test because why not, and I’ve been really pushing myself through these workouts. I was doing the overhead press and I could feel my body fatigue and I wanted to stop because I was “uncomfortable”. Instead, I kept pushing myself through the reps and I could feel my muscles get warm. At the end of the sets, I was satisfied I didn’t give up.

Conclusion, push yourself, be mentally strong, physically be strong, and be mindful of your body (connect the mind and body).

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At my age, walking is about all I can do. I walk my neighborhood which if I do the whole neighborhood is one mile. Used to do that twice a day but been so busy I am doing good to do it each morning. But trying to get back to walking again.  And yes, we must stay mentally strong at all times. Need to stay on top of things and be quick to react to things at any given time.

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