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  1. CarlaJ

    Making a mountain out of a mole hill?

    I would go knock on the door, if no answer I would call the police & have them do a welfare check.
  2. I cannot get it to link but the Metropolis Planet newspaper has a lot of info about this leak.
  3. I live in central IL and have not heard a word on this. Metropolis (home of Superman) is in southeast IL, right on the border with KY. It is about 150 miles southeast of St. Louis. I wouldn't think that St. Louis would not be in danger since the winds don't usually blow that way. I did see that the union has been shut out of that plant a couple of months ago, so the workers they have now are not highly trained. Sorry I don't remember where I read that.
  4. CarlaJ


    I thought that once one of your ancester's was accepted to DAR then you just had to prove your lineage to that person.
  5. CarlaJ

    Happy Birthday CarlaJ

    Thank you!!
  6. CarlaJ

    Puzzling symptoms

    How is your potassium? I had a lot of those same symptoms, the irregular heartbeat on and off, short of breath, so tired I couldn't even sit up. When it got to where I couldn't walk to the bathroom that I went to the ER. It took them 3 days to get my potassium up where it belonged, it was that low. Mine was an extreme case though. Are you having any weakness on one side of your body, slurring words, unable to grip things. That could be a sign of a stroke.
  7. You might want to try monistat. Wash the rash area well but gently, pat dry gently. Make sure you are completly dry. Then apply the monistat.
  8. You might want to try some window/door alarms. They emit high pitch alarm if door is opened. Using this with motion sensor lights outside ought to scare someone off.
  9. My cat got in a fight outside about 10 days ago with another cat. He has 3 cuts to the side of his neck. We cleaned the wounds with peroxide at first. Seemed to be heeling fine, in the last few days they have opened up (from scratching?) Two of smaller cuts have scabbed over again but the biggest one is oozing (very slightly yellow, but more no color). It's not oozing a lot. The cut is about 1/4" long and not very deep. I need to know how to help with the healing. How should I clean it? Should I be putting some medicine on it? Cover it with a bandage? He is also loosing the fur around the wounds. I can't put one of those cones on him as it would rub right across the cuts. He has his claws. Thanks in advance.
  10. CarlaJ

    Merry Christmas to you all!

    Merry Christmas to everyone
  11. CarlaJ

    White Christmas

    What do you consider a white Christmas? Snow on the ground or actually snowing on Christmas? For me, it needs to snow Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day.
  12. CarlaJ

    Dry Skin

    My step dad had very dry skin and his Dr. had him use baby oil. But being from farm country (not that I live on one) have you tried bag balm?
  13. CarlaJ

    Thanksgiving Plans

    I'm so excited for tonight, it will be our 1st annual friends-giving. We are all bringing our favorite dishes. And then a night of playing cards. Only 1 rule, you must wear sweats or jammie pants!
  14. CarlaJ

    Water safety

    A few questions about drinking water safety. I was looking at water filtration straws and was curious of your reviews about them. Do you feel safe using them? Do you have to boil rainwater that you have collected? How long should you boil it? Is it safe to drink directly from a spring?
  15. CarlaJ

    magnifying glass

    I think that I will stick with my other ways of getting a fire started. Now I just need to actually practice on building a fire.

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