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Hunt for Heroes Parade Hit by Train

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This happened in my city: http://www.cbs7kosa....ls.asp?ID=38997


A train hit a truck during a parade honoring veterans. :sad-smiley-012:


One article says that the train company says that the lights and gates were working and that the train sounded its horn, but that's not what the local people are saying.


Still wondering what happened... :reading:

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It sounds like everything was working properly and the train horn did sound. They just didn't get off the tracks.


All 4 deceased were the Heroes, one of whom pushed his wife off the trailer, probably saving her life.


My husband said there were 4 failures here:

1) They planned the parade across the tracks (there is only one location where you can cross the tracks without actually crossing the tracks in town - an underpass in the middle of downtown).

2) They didn't tell the railroad about it.

3) The truck did not leave enough room to get off the tracks before getting on the tracks.

4) The truck did not get off the tracks by any means necessary, even if he had to ram the vehicle in front of him.

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it's heartbreaking to hear about that happening


I saw the article on Yahoo about the men who saved their wives, heroes to the end



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