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Graduation Day



Today is going to be an exciting day for us!


My dear Husband is graduating from the Police Academy today!


For as long as we've been married (almost 14 years!) he has been in the construction field, in one way or another. Most of those years he has been a Building/Home Inspector... which he is *good* at (he got Inspector of the Year in 2005) and which he loves. But of course the last couple of years, the construction field has really suffered... and combined with a God-led change in our location, hubby needed to find a new career field.


He actually started working for the Sheriff's Dept back in October, but was required to go through 6 weeks of Academy training. so the past six weeks have been very very busy ones for him... and long, lonely ones for us. The Academy is *just* far enough away from our house to require him to stay there at night. So for the past 6 weeks, we've only gotten to see him on the weekends. But (happy dance) he graduates TODAY!!!!


So I and the littles will go up there in a couple of hours, get a tour of the school, and watch the graduating exercises... hubby is also in the color guard so this ought to be very cool... and then we get daddy back! And he has the next 4 days off from work, so we actually get some time with him before he has to go back to his regular work schedule.


Color me happy! :wub:


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Congratulations!! What an exciting day for your whole family! I hope you'll let us know how it went. Ten years ago I sat in an auditorium and watched my dh graduate. When we realized we would be adopting our first child dh returned to college to complete his degrees that we kept intending for him to do. It took him three years as he worked a full time job and attended school full time at night. It was hard, but it was worth it! Well done!!

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Ok, y'all, it's Stephanie's fault that this is a "featured entry".... so everyone throw pancakes at her now! LOL...



Gotta go get ready... busy day today!

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Thank your husband for me, he is going out there to battle the enemy...law breakers! what me? speeding? noooooo, I wasn't speeding, your equipment needs to be calibrated! what it just was? oh, it was the other car that looked like mine..... oh, ok how about this one... I had to pee and was trying to get to the store to use the restroom! ROFL!!!! seriously thank him and thank you and the kids to your sacrifice.

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