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The return of the feisty celt



Just a fun title lol  Nice to have a wee space to write in here :)  I'll be telling you of my prepping that I do here.  I live in a tiny toun (900 folk) that is quite isolated in the very south west of Scotland, about 3 miles from the shore.  I prep for lots of reasons, and my prepping confidence has grown over the years.  I cook, preserve, brew, grow fruit, vegetables and herbs, knit, dye, spin, sew, read a lot and generally keep myself busy with an eye to being as self-reliant as possible.

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Weather has gone back to wet and windy; the south westerlies blow diagonally right across my wee garden,  Still got to sort out some things that suffered in the last storm, but they're secure where they fell, so I'm thinking it's better to leave them where they are for now.

Sundays are usually a bit of a down time for me, I read and knit, spend time on the laptop doing reading and research.

One thing I came across was a short film on Youtube about a tiny cottage that was virtually unchanged since the 1920s; the only changes (apart from electric lighting installed in the 1930s), at the local council's insistence were an inside toilet (earth closet as there was no water connected) and a single cold water tap. It was occupied by a single woman who was born there; she cooked on a cast iron range and went up and down a ladder to the bedrooms.  She lived in the house until she died, at the age of 102 - something to aspire to! A couple of things I took away from the film to help with warmth - use rugs around the home (hers were a mixture of homemade and bought, over lino) and at night, put your clothes between the bed blankets so they're warm in the morning.

My new-to-me coffee set came that I bought from a local charity, I'm looking forward to using it. It cost £7  - $9.28 - which I reckon is a real bargain, I love it.



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Ooops lol - sorry about that; I edited the image and the original one I posted disappeared.  Hopefully this one should be ok:




It's been quiet her weatherwise; garden is ok, it's just a bit battered, but nothing major.  It's tine, but seems to be quite exposed under certain conditions.  I'm just coming up to a year here, so it's all been a learning curve; my last two gardens were very large, this one not much bigger than my sitting room !


I had a shopping delivery today; a few  more bits for the storeroom, including dried pulses etc for making up some soup mixes.  I need some more shelving for storage, so am researching that at the moment.  It needs to be suitable for me to manage to put together by myself.

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Shopping has arrived, needs sorting and putting away tomorrow; only one thing missing - one pot of vitamin C with zinc, but one was delivered, so at least I've got some.  Small baskets arrived, I want to get my packet mixes sorted and stored in them.

Keeping an eye on the news as usual; new Covid guidelines introduced, but I think they might be made stricter soon.  Hospitality industry up in arms about it all.

Hope everyone is safe - I've been watching the U.S, weather.


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Welcome, gallovidian!   It's so interesting to hear the perspective on weather, prepping, global situations from other areas of the world! 


Um, Annarchy?  Where are we?  MrsS has a "blog" area? 


MtRider  ....hmmm, so MrsS has some "hallways and rooms" I've never found in my decades here?  Wow.  :scratchhead: 

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It's got seasonally cold here now, but I'm resisting putting the heating on yet, heavy rain yesterday, dull and overcast today.

Have ordered a dehydrator - I had one years back, but rarely used it, so it got sold.

Now inspired to have another go.  I also found a hanging net drier for outside in the summer at a decent price on e-bay.  Also ordered cheese wax, darning mushroom.  Seed potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes have arrived, and larger water containers.  I'm about to do a major overhaul and reorganisation of my preps, so that will keep me busy.

Knitting is socks, a scarf and some Latvian mittens to start; have begun a new tapestry and made a ribbon wreath yesterday.

I've been watching lots of prepping channels on Youtube - UK ones are more or less non-existent, although there are a few bushcraft/survival ones.  Interesting to see the different foods in the U.S. - and ofcourse the prices.  I reckon there will be major hikes here in January, so I have a big shop ordered for next weekend to top off the food preps; I'm ok in the non-food dept.

More Covid restrictions brought in here in Scotland this morning - social distancing, rules for hospitality, no Hogmanay gatherings, stay at home as much as possible.




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Had the first hard frost here last night; cold today, but milder towards evening; no snow yet  where I am.

Got a message to say that delivery of my dehydrator has been delayed as the e-bay seller has to isolate - just as well I forgot to order mushrooms.

I read that prices of coffee are set to rise substantially - drought and other weather conditions have decimated the arabica crop in Brazil; I'm well stocked up here.

Whole list of goals and plans for the new year.

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Cold and dry here, little sun.


Finished another pair of socks, started on gloves.


Ordered MREs for the stores.


Still re-organising my preps.


Looking forward to getting started with the new season's gardening :)



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Weather is cold and clear, dry at the moment, a couple of hard frosts overnight.


MREs arrived all present and correct; good value, 24 for £36 with free p&p


Gloves finished, cast on socks and a frog; started a Knitting for Preppers group on Ravelry


Dehydrator arrived, pleased with it, it's a more suitable size for one person; been researching drying potatoes


More tins, packets, bottled water bought for stores, stuff for making washing powder


Few shortages here for now, everything I ordered in my shopping arrived, just needs to be put away now.  Prices rising fast though, I'm glad I'm well stocked up with everything.  5p increases at a time on lots of things, but it soon adds up.

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6 hours ago, gallovidian said:

Well I tried again for a while, but don't think MrsSurvival is the forum for me any more.


I wish you all well.

Hello gallovidian. I’m just seeing all lovely your posts...I’d forgotten Mrs S had a blog section. Can I ask if something happened to make you want to leave Mrs S?

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I don’t understand Gallovidian. Could you explain why you don’t believe Mrs Survival is for you any more?  I sincerely would like to know. I believe everyone has enjoyed and responded to your posts and your perspective on prepping where you live is valuable to us all.  :shrug: 

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Oh sorry to see you go Feisty Celt!!  As a softy southerner I'm sure I could have learnt a lot from you!!!  Wishing you well wherever you go:)

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16 hours ago, gallovidian said:

Well I tried again for a while, but don't think MrsSurvival is the forum for me any more.


I wish you all well.

I do like your perspective and your preppings.

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