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  1. Thanks for this. I printed it off and watched the video also.
  2. How about that . You give good directions, that even I could follow.
  3. Thanks Cat Your so nice for doing this for us.
  4. nana9


    Cat. this is nana9 could I have the pansey with the heart around it. If you could add it for me I would love it. Thanks mary
  5. Thanks Cat I knew someone could help me.
  6. Can some one tell me how to find the Archives I don't see anything with them listed. Like where is Darlenes onion rings--Cats pizza dough and all the canning recipes we used to have. Am I just missing them or in a brain fogg?
  7. Thank you for sharing with us. That is so moving and brings tears to your eyes and heart.
  8. Wow you did good. Thanks for all the info.
  9. nana9


    I love the look of the new site It so refreshing and easy to read now.
  10. I can't get into the private for women only area I promise I'm still a women.LOL help
  11. We all learn so much here and also reminded of things we forgot as people post. I was prepared enough that I didn't leave the house for a week and didn't miss a meal. But I also didn't lose my power but on the other side of the street they did and still don't have power. But we have tree's down all around us.
  12. Im in Ark. Also and I have not been any futher than the mailbox this week. Thanks to prepping I have everything to get me by while the ice and yuk is going on. Lots of trees are down. But its warmer today.
  13. dehydrating- peppers- sage- basil-oregano-celery-thyme-rosemary-targon-garlic-All of my canning is done now and I will be dehydrating herbs until frost. I like to give these as gift at Christmas time also. Peppers I use later to make pepper sauce to go on greens.
  14. nana9

    2500 Strong

    Hi Westie: Have you in my prayers.
  15. That is beautiful and you have done such a good job. Good luck with your move also.
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