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  1. And the Wawa that was 2.95 on Wed was 3.06 today.
  2. I always have a car key with me, especially at work. I worked in a building that had three fires in the hvac system during the eight years I was there. After the first time standing outside for a few hours, I made sure that I had a key at all times. I don't keep my full ring, just a spare. Enough to me out of there if needed.
  3. My mother in Denver left a message for me today, saying that they were expecting a blizzard with 10 plus inches of snow. She had the grocery store deliver food today, and is ready to sit back in her 7th floor apartment and watch.
  4. Cajunsunshine checks in occasionally on another forum I frequent. She has very limited internet access. But her sense of humor has not changed. She refers to herself as snakebait.
  5. After the day I had, I needed a good laugh. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I did not cook a turkey this year, but I wanted some broth, so I asked around for a carcass. I got 1 on Thursday that still had all of the dark meat!!! I got a gallon of broth out of that carcass, plus plenty of sandwich meat. Today I was given 3 more carcasses. I will be set on turkey broth for a long time! Love the free food!
  7. I wanted the shotgun that Bass Pro Shop had on sale, starting at 5:00. I showed up at 4:30, and the line went on forever. I said to myself "nothing is worth that line", and drove off. After I found a McDonalds that was a) open and sold hot chocolate, I headed for home. While driving back past the store, I saw no line at 5:20. So I went in, and took a number at the gun counter. I got #73, and they were helping #17. I looked through the ammo, and then started talking with another woman doing the same thing. She had a number in the 60s. We kept talking, and switched off watching our things for potty breaks, etc. We got real nervous, watching all of the people before us buying shotguns 2 at a time. Finally they got to #60, and then announced that they were sold out. I was out the door around 6:30 empty-handed. I decided to stop at Wal-mart for some donuts, and found the store almost empty at 7:00. Cashiers were standing around with nothing to do. There were still plenty of the TVs and other "doorbusters". I got the donuts, bread and a whole lot of DVDs and Blu-rays. Home and back in bed by 8:00. But I really wanted that shotgun.
  8. Exactly! I will have to try that sometime. Good idea.
  9. Many years ago my sister-in-law taught me that if you are making cheese sauce with very little cheese, a little food coloring (2 drops yellow and 1 drop red) makes a big difference.
  10. Sometimes I find the little key ring cards dropped in the parking lot. I have several of those so that I can rotate them.
  11. I went through this with my mother a few years ago. Hugs and prayers headed your way.
  12. I finally got a campfire Dutch oven today! I have wanted one for soooo long, but could never come up with money. I was at a friend's house this afternoon, and she showed me the one she bought yesterday at Tractor Supply, which is a new store here. Guess where my next stop was? $17.99 and it was all mine! Yes, I am excited.
  13. Thanks, it is good to be back. I have been through a few rough patches, both health and employment, but things have been better for me lately. Or at least I am coping better . I see a lot of familiar faces, and some new ones too. That is great! I am looking forward to getting to know everybody again.
  14. I haven't been here in a few years, but lately I have been thinking about you all. It took a few tries to remember the password, but I finally made it! So, how is everybody doing?
  15. Going in the opposite direction, last year at Sam's I paid 7.75 for 4 one pound packages of butter. Last month I paid 6.25 for the same 4-pack. If some prices go up, and others down, inflation will be level. I seem to recall that milk is cheaper now than it was this time last year. Because of my couponing, my price points have changed in the last year. So I have a hard time remembering what things cost last year. I only remember the butter because it had been constant for such a long time.
  16. Thank you for sharing that. Last week, a friend of mine lost her husband of 40 years. Your poem expresses some of the concerns I have for her. Her children all live nearby, she is very active with her job, church and volunteer work, home is paid for, financial situation is good. But, at the end of the day, she is still alone. I know that she will keep going, and eventually it won't be so hard. But now is really rough.
  17. Like so many of you, I lurked for a year or two before signing up in May of 2007. I had lost my job, suddenly had time to read and post regularly, and already felt like I knew everybody here. The funny thing is, I remember recommending this site long before I was a member. Maybe that is what sets MrsS apart from so many of the forums out there. At other sites, I often see people register, post a few times and disappear. We seem to be the kind to check things out before we jump in. But we hang around when we do. Even if we take breaks, we come back. This is home for us.
  18. Just to let people know, All You is only available at Wal-Mart or by mail. Last spring, there was an issue with such great coupons that I probably bought 15 magazines. I swear, one time I was heading out to double coupons at a grocery store, and stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up 2 magazines to get the coupons to shop with! $2.50 to get $20-$30 worth of free stuff was what you call an "investment".
  19. I will be singing this for days!
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