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  1. My plan is a mixture of both plans. It is just my son and I, so I am careful about buying bulk packages. Every time there is a Walton order, I get a few of the small cans. Mostly dairy products like FD cheeses and such. Things that I consider luxury items, and would only open as a treat (we are MAJOR cheese lovers, and velveeta would NOT satisfy). The stuff like egg powder, etc, I just plan to seal into smaller containers when I open it. In a long-term, no-power scenario, I assume that the stuff would be used up anyway.
  2. My mother is in Denver, and she told me that they had flooded streets today. She was out in the handicapped bus, coming home from the doctors. Scared her so bad that she cancelled plans for tomorow, just in case. I guess that they don't see it often. Here, the traffic reporter just says "flooding in the usual locations". And it is not unusual to see a roadsign with measurements marked off so that you can judge the depth of the water.
  3. The first jelly I ever made was Hawaiian Punch jelly! I used a recipe that called for frozen, concentrated grape juice, and substituted the frozen HP. It was a big hit with my family. A few years ago I thought that I would try it again, but sadly HP no longer comes in frozen concentrate. Just as well. It was REALLY sweet. But awesome on a toasted and buttered English muffin.
  4. I am sorry to hear this. ((dogmom))
  5. I have heard close gunshots a few times in the 17 years in this place. And each time I was too busy hitting the deck to be getting plate #s, lol. Seriously, it is not a good idea to fling open the window and stick your head out when you hear trouble. At night, turn off the light, and then cautiously peek from the side. During the day be even more careful about looking out. Don't make yourself the next target.
  6. And here in SE VA, we had highs in the mid 80s. Last Thus we had sleet mixed with rain. For the 3rd year in a row, we are going from winter to summer with hardly a spring day in the middle. Sigh.
  7. Canned turkey broth and canned chicken broth cannot be identified without opening and tasting. And even then only by my son. Unfortunately, I have made this mistake more than once. Blush
  8. I ordered a dozen and they came in yesterday. Thanks again for the link.
  9. You are not the only one coming back after a long absence. I also returned recently. Must be something pushing us all back together, hmmm?
  10. Yes, this is a grief that many of us have dealt with. But that does not make it hurt any less when it happens. I grieve with you.
  11. If you have a utility meter at your home, that belongs to the utility company. If you have utility lines UNDERGROUND on your property, those belong to the utility company. And the utility company has the legal right to access their property. And upgrade it if they want to. I used to work for a utility locating company (the people that paint all of those lines on the roads and grass). And they have legal access to your property to mark underground utilities. In almost every case, if we needed to mark in a back yard or inside a fence, it was because the property owner had requested the marking. But every now and then, when it was a larger-scale project that involved multiple properties, we would have to request access. One time, the resident of the home (verbally) threatened the locater with a shotgun. The supervisor managed to get the situation under control without calling the police, but that would have been the next step. As some one else said, pick your battles. If you really hate it, move. But if you want absolute, total control, you will have to go off grid. BTW, how much do you want to bet that these women post on Facebook, use internet banking, maybe even have a smart pass on their car for toll road? I use all of those things myself, but I would worry more about privacy and security concerns from those sorts of activies than I would from a smart meter.
  12. Yep, those are the ones. I would not can with them, but they suit some other purchases. Thanks for the link!
  13. The plastic lids have their place, but they do not seal. I have 2 one peice metal lids that have the rubber, so they do stay tight. Wish I could find more of those.
  14. Big money donors and politicians send their children to private schools.
  15. I think that most of us are preparing more for personal disaster than for TEOTWAWKI, but we get to the big one by preparing for the smaller ones. So, it does not grab our headlines even in this forum. But as has been said, the problems and even the causes are different in each area of the country. So we are working through different issues. This locale, the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, is generally shielded from the worst effects of economic downturns due to our large military and federal government presence. But with sequestration looming, that is sooo not the case this time around. A lot of people are scared. Military families have seen a carrier deployement cancelled literally at the last minute, other deployments being lengthened, maintenance of ships and aircraft being postponed, cuts in training programs, service members being kicked out for weight, failure to advance and other issues that in the past might have been worked through. And where the military goes, there goes the civilian community. The shipyards and other businesses that build and repair the ships are looking at massive layoffs. Civilian contractors are not hiring, and looking at layoffs due to pending contract cancellations. Service businesses (barber shops, auto repair shops, child care, etc) along with restaurants, clothing stores, electronic stores, all of the small businesses that are there to serve the employees of the larger businesses, are fearing closure or massive scaling back when their customer base is not there. And on it goes. I lost a job with a utility locating company in 2010 when people were postponing building and renovation projects due to the economy. Fewer such jobs meant fewer calls to locate gas lines, so my company decided that only 1 dispatcher was needed to do the work. Goodbye Kathy. All we can do is prepare as best we can for as many potential problems as we can think of, and trust in the Lord to see us through.
  16. I had never heard of a lamb cake, so I googled it. Looks yummy! The Wilton site had directions on using their pans. Yes, they are aluminum and were tied together for baking.
  17. I saw this at another site, and thought of this thread. It sounds REALLY yummy! http://lollyssweettreats.com/2012/07/23/homemade-vanilla-bean-creamer/
  18. Wow, I remember when this thread started! I have the first few pages of the thread copied into a word doc. I can see that I need to update!
  19. When the book "One Second After" came out, I saw a comment (I cannot remember where), from a woman who said that "you can't just write me off because I am a diabetic". She had no comprehension that she was dealing with a natural fact, if you are insulin dependent, and there is no insulin, you will die. Sooner, rather than later. All the compassion in the world cannot change that. No laws will prevent it. You may or may not be able to find a way to stretch out the time, but the end will come. I don't say it from hate, but from acceptance of the facts. I also accept that I am overweight and middle-aged, with crappy knees. I prepare as best I can, but there are many shtf scenarios that I know that I will not survive. There are also many ways for me to die that do not involve the shtf. All I can do is the best that I can to be ready, and trust in the Lord for the rest.
  20. I made a charitable donation online this morning, and was given a surcharge option at checkout. Either I paid the extra for the surcharge, or the donation would be reduced by that amount. Please note that this was not directly paid to the charity, but through a third-party site. So my $25 donation became $26 and change.
  21. When I was working at the gas company, the meter readers all carried those umbrellas. They really do work.
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