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  1. This sounds interesting just to see how the prices vary in different areas. I'll check out our local prices when I get back home.
  2. It happened again, it ate my post. Hmmmmph I'm in if it is OK.
  3. Wow, intensely colorful.
  4. I don't drink it. It messes with my kidneys. However, I'm going to use this information to try to ween my DH from it. Thanks Snowmom.
  5. ((((OMB)))) So nice to hear you are doing better.
  6. Thank you Momo, I think I'm the lucky one that has a MIL that really likes me - at least she says so, but I won't be heading home until Monday. She seems to be enjoying the company. She is finally eating better and mentioned how she had let herself go last year not eating much. I knew, but what can you say to someone who was grief stricken. I am really impressed how well she has adjusted. She's got a spark back in her and is having fun with her friends. It really takes the burden off my heart. Simple little things like her cupboards and refrigerator are full with single serving size meals brought a smile to me. We are planning to do a little shopping tomorrow, after I complete her ToDo list she presented me with when I arrived. My DH has been feeling abandoned and called me 5 times today just to say Hi, poor dear fending for himself.
  7. I'm back '...in the west Texas town of El Paso...'. Between her gardeners and the wind, the mound of sand from the garden is a quarter the size it was. I'm hoping to redistribute some of the remaining soil into her raised flower beds, if I get a chance. She seems to be doing well. On my trip here, just before the radio faded out, a song played that gripped my thoughts for the rest of the trip... "...for the widow who struggles with being alone, wiping the tears from her eyes...." Talk about heart wrenching. I wish we could be here 24/7 for her or that she would come and live close to us, but I know better, we'd have to close our business & sell our home, to live here or she would have to sell her home that she's had for 60 years. Reality bites. Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
  8. I think I got 5 miles this week!
  9. The zucchini sprouted! Your tomatoes & spinach look wonderful DoubleD. I'm using the techniques from your links CoM, my potatoes are looking better than in years past.
  10. I planted my garden on March 2nd. Spinach, peppers, thyme, radishes, potatoes, and sweet peas have all sprouted and are flourishing. I'm still waiting to see the zucchini and tomatoes break ground, I hope I didn't wait too late to plant them.
  11. 1 mile Pulled weeds 2 days, 1 hour each. 8 loads Once a day Even managed a little of this. My best guess is around 4 miles. 1,000 miles which don't count.
  12. Once you learn the technique for making the basic stitch, (Cow Hitch), it becomes automatic. The basic stitch forms rings, picots, and chains to create the lace. Here's a few other sites that offer the basic techniques for getting started. http://www.tatting.net/techniques.html http://www.craftown.com/instruction/tatting.htm http://www.be-stitched.com/howtotat1.asp
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