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  1. Did you mulch with hay? I had a bad experience this year with the tomatoes I planted in one of my raised beds. I raised the plants from seeds. They were healthy when transplanted - 35 tomato plants of at least a dozen varieties. After just a few days, they were about 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall but the leaves were really curling up, including the growing tips. I researched the internet - one of the possibilities is "curly top disease". They looked almost like the curly ferns that people eat. As it turned out, about 10 of the 35 seemed to be unharmed and produced well...the other 25 remained si
  2. GLORY BE!! It worked! Funny how something like that can put the ol' tinfoil hat on your head and all manner of things come to the imagination. Glad no one is watching. It really was worrying me .. for months. Thank you so much!
  3. Every time I log on to Mrs. Survival there is a blinking green box with the word "Loading" in it. It blinks about every 30 seconds the whole time I am on this site -- every time I'm on this site. It's located at the top of the page. I have never noticed it at any other internet site. Does anyone know what it is? It is giving me the "willies"....hope it doesn't mean Big Brother is watching!!
  4. I'm planning to have a garden again this year (have always had some kind of edible plants growing the last 50 years) but am running into a real challenge. A couple of years ago I decided that I was no longer able to dig the garden, so put in three raised beds - kind of lasagna gardening. I have fought "Johnson Grass" and "Nut Grass" and thought I had a way to get past the weeding by starting the raised beds with about 8 or 10 inches of newspaper on bottom. Well, after two years, here I am again fighting the nut grass. You would think that nothing would grow through a thick layer of that. W
  5. My husband and I made a filtering system from two 5-gallon plastic buckets and the Berkey Black filters. We have been using it everyday for about three months now and are very satisfied with it. The water tastes good and is very clear. We did have to replace the bottom bucket because it started to leak at the spigot - which was our fault because we had installed it wrong. If it ever became necessary to leave our home in an emergency situation, I wouldn't be able to collapse or "nest" the compartments to make it smaller. I would, however, be sure to carry it with me because it is lightweig
  6. To me, "Back to Basics" means cooking with plain ol'food.....meat, vegetables, fruit. I try to buy most of my food from the perimeter of the grocery store. That's where you find the fresh vegetables and fruit and nuts....also the meat, cheeses, eggs and dairy. Sometime when you are shopping, notice the people checking out in front or beside you. I have noticed that I can fill my grocery cart top and bottom with my plain ol' foods for the same price that some of them are only getting a couple of bags full of the convenience foods. Of course, when I get home, I have to watch out because I l
  7. This isn't a bean meal....but, when things are really tight, I start out this meal by melting a bit of butter in pan...then saute dibs and dabs of things i.e. leftover onion dices, diced green pepper, celery. When they are soft, add a can (or leftover) broth and a couple packages of Top Ramen. While this is cooking, I raid the refrigerator for any leftover bits of meat or chicken or spam....dice it up and add to Ramen. When things are almost done, add peas and stir in a couple of whipped eggs. Cook until eggs are done. Add the seasoning packages. It's good with a little cheese shredded o
  8. I guess I am old fashioned, but I have been cooking for hubby and family for 50 years (our 50th anniversary is next month) and I wouldn't even dream of doning without my cast-iron frying pans and kettles! I have a nice set of waterless cookware that we bought (many monthly installments) 40 years ago --- it's still good, cooks great -- but 90% of the time I pull out the cast-iron. I guess part of my using it is nostalgia -- I have a frying pan that was my grandma's and another was my mom's....also, we have vacationed in Arkansas many times and I have bought cast-iron there (I often thin
  9. Violet - I'm going to throw it out! I've got a case of "some-timers disease" with a little bit of "dumb a**", complicated by WAYYYY too many things on my mind. I don't remember where I got the recipe...might have just made it up (dangerous, huh?). I probably used a recipe for "fake" pineapple made with zucchini. I've been canning meats, fruits and vegetables for many years -- and always follow the direections in the canning book closely, but I have never had too much luck with jams and jellys. A good deal of the time they don't jell. I plan to never be "creative" again with my canning.
  10. Regarding your beans going bad.....I had some of the same luck with some rice....lots of rice. I stored several 5-gallon buckets with mylar bags and oxygen absorbers inside (did it right)....but got really busy and ran out of mylar bags, so I put off getting more and stored a lot of rice in the plastic bags they came in from the store, in a rubbermade tote, in the closet. Welllllll.....a couple of years later (yesterday) I found the tote. The rice has bugs-a- plenty and unfit to eat. I thought I would sift out the bugs, heat it in the oven for a few minutes to kill any eggs, and store it t
  11. Hi! again. I have about a dozen pints of the jam I made of the zucchini/plum/Jello....It was canned in July....I don't remember how much lemon juice I used. I hate to throw it out. Do you think it could be "redone" by adding lemon juice and more sugar and recooking and re-canning? It sure isn't worth getting sick over, tho!!
  12. Oh, NOOO!! I made some jam this summer, using up some zucchini squash and plums, seasoned with raspberry Jello. It is "runny", but tastes really good. I waterbath canned it.....is it not safe, since it has the Jello in it?
  13. Urbanforager: Received the goose bean seeds yesterday. Thank you so much!!
  14. Help! Violet....I was going to start with a topic about horseradish, but saw this one already posted, so I'll add my question to this one. I am making pickalilly (green tomato relish) and the recipe calls for horseradish. The relish is to be hot water bathed, so here is the problem: the only horseradish I could find in our town is "Beaver Brand Extra Hot Horseradish prepared grated horseradish roots". The ingredients are: grated horseradish roots, water, vinegar, soybean oil, salt artificial flavor, ...some preservatives...,sugar, EGGS, etc. Although there is probably a minimal amount of
  15. Urbanforager - Tonight I am sending the SAE so you can send me my start of your seeds. Thanks so much!!
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