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  1. Solar panels are very likely to get zapped by EMP and can be shielded. I have a book at home and I'm at the library. I'll try to remember to write the name down and give it to you next week. It gives detailed info on shielding. My thoughts are, why bother? I will use the panels until the hooey hits. No matter what the flavor of hooey we get, someone will decide they need my panels more than I do and will relieve me of them. They can't be hidden from everybody. So I don't expect to have them once the grid goes down anyhow. It isn't worth defended them to the death. I am trying to get my home set up so I can survive ok with no electricity. I have a wood stove for heat, very large, screened windows and a screened porch for ventilation, getting awnings made to shade the windows, water is rain catch cistern and I am putting a hand pump in. I have plenty of oil lamps and candle wax for lights. If I can get a garden going and have the orchard producing and the goats for milk we can manage without the stores. I do, however require hay delivery in winter for the goats and don't have the capacity to produce feed for the poultry at this point. Still working on it.
  2. I find it is VERY difficult to get 'normal' people to understand about how dangerous high temps can be to anyone who cannot regulate their body temps well. At only 80* I am in serious danger of dehydrating if I put forth any effort at all since I cannot take in enough liquids to keep up with perspiration. I literally ithave puddles of sweat dripping off bare skin and totally saturated garments and hair. Even sitting still I am perspiring freely. In an emergency situation where I am forced into activity at high temps I become not just dehydrated but overheated and my body temperature rises several degrees. I try to do all my work in the early morning but when anyone is coming to do work at my place they ALWAYs come after it gets hot. Invariably I end up running around outside in the heat before the work is finished and have migraines and dehydration to deal with before it is over. What I'm trying to say is, please take people seriously when they say that they can't handle the heat or other conditions that you, yourself don't have a problem with other than minor discomfort.
  3. This move, though very necessary, has been very expensive. Preps gone and no money to replace them yet and it has been nearly a year. No savings left. Now have a mortgage but no utilities except cell phone. Very limited mobility since no longer drive. At least the taxes are nearly nothing here. I don't know how we would manage if the banks shut down. Hopefully I could still write a check to pay the mortgage and hopefully the bus would still run. I don't have access to an atm except once a week when going to town and haven't had enough funds to have a cash reserve. Not much garden this year either and the orchard won't produce for at least a couple of yrs. Might have to start praying for manna.
  4. Boys from church came and finished enclosing the goats' "pasture" for me. It is about 10 acres of mostly brush. The girls moved some boxes from the cabin that I am making into the kitchen and they painted the two small cabins to match the large one. I've started insulating the kitchen cabin. Glad to see some progress!
  5. Biggest hand gun I have is .38 special. Not sure I want to go bigger, but was just informed today that there are bear in my area. I'm assuming an electric fence with 1 joule charger will keep them out of the goat pasture?
  6. Use caution adding young females to a pen with a mature drake. Try putting all the females together and separate the drake till the little ones are bigger.
  7. Had a black and white tv once, many yrs ago, hopped up to put the just starting to squat puppy out the door, tripped on the cord and dumped my tea into the tv. It promptly went dark but I left it on for the noise and a few days later I had a picture about an inch tall that gradually over several days finally went back to full size. LOL Hope y'all dry out soon. Us too. No garden except a few tomatoes. Garden squishes when walked on.
  8. Was gifted 2 lovely Rhode Island Red hens that have each given me an egg a day since I got them. Didn't even quit from being moved. I'm still working on fence for the goats and started clearing a spot for a hen house and pen. Also cutting trees for my future garden spot. Too wet to plant much but I put in 7 tomato plants about 2 or 3 weeks ago and they are starting to take off. One has a tomato on it. (No internet at home, cell phone internet turned out to be not worth paying for. Don't know when I will get something else. I'm at the library again.)
  9. Good luck on the move, Arby. Sounds like a better place for you! It has been cool and very rainy here. Nobody has been able to get their gardens in. I've got goslings in the house still because they won't get out of the rain and are still downy. They go out in the day when I'm home and it isn't raining. It has been so wet that the setting geese didn't hatch anything. The nests stayed too wet and the eggs rotted. I bought goslings from a hatchery though.
  10. Another 1500 gal cistern to go on the hill above the house. I could pump water from the rain catch cistern below the house and double my storage plus have gravity fed water. So much more convenient than turning on a pump intermittently. I could fill the top cistern when the batteries were full and sunshine abundant. (Really need a well, but that isn't equipment per se. I have an excellent water filter.) More batteries and a better 24v inverter. Thru the wall vented propane heater for emergency back up to the wood stove in case of illness, etc. A 4 wd 'mule' with a trailer. Preferably electric with solar panels. It would make life a lot easier. Not equipment, but I REALLY need a barn!
  11. Southeastern Alaska is lovely, Mt Rider! Wish I could have afforded to move there. Of course, I dislike boats and you pretty much need one to get around the islands. Will continue to pray that the Lord directs your barque!
  12. GROUP HUG!!!! Yikes, y'all! (I'm using the library again. $$$$ issues. Trying to get some bills under control. So won't be around much.) I've been clearing brush for fence. 1 to 2 hrs a day and I'm wore completely out. Forget housework. I'm doing good to keep up with chores. Really having a LOT of back pain and spasms, mainly from the kyphosis.
  13. Thanks, Sarah, I missed her question. Skinks look like short snakes with itty bitty legs. LOL Funny, the one I saw the other day scooted under some brush then stood there and shook its head like a rattle snake would shake its tail. No sound of course, but rather a strange behavior.
  14. 16 dram per ounce wine glass is 1/4 cup pottle is 2 qts tumbler is 1 cup coffee cup is scant cup tea cup is 1/2 cup jigger is 1 1/2 ounces gill is 1/2 cup kitchen spoon is 1 teaspoon spoonful is 1 tablespoon dessert or soup spoon is 2 teaspoons saucer is about a heaping cup peck is 2 gallons dry pinch or dash is less than 1/8 tspn slow oven is 300 f moderate oven is 350 f quick oven is 375 to 400f hot oven is 400 f to 425 f Just thought I'd throw in a few more! LOL
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