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  1. Do you think that cookbook will have a lot of things we don't eat, since she's from Ireland?
  2. cleanheart


    Wow, Homemaker, thank you for that information. I'll do it this coming spring. I would like to grown onions to store. Do you do that as well? cleanheart
  3. Arby that is very insightful of you. There is a lot of wisdom and common since in your post. You are so right abot peoples faces in the market. Seems many are worried and concerned aot life. cleanheaart
  4. Thank you Cat for posting this information. I think we that love him should have posted it as well. That's for taking the initiative. I didn't know you could watch his show on utube? That's good to know. I'm glad we are on the same page here. cleanheart
  5. Susie, I donated. How is Purecajunsunshine? What is her condition? PLEASE keep us updated!! cleanheart
  6. My mother-in-law is having back surgery tomorrow 10/21/09 at 7:00 a.m. est. She is 86 years old and is a diabetic. She is the most wonderful mother-in-law anybody could ever have and I love her greatly. I hate to see her in so much pain in her legs. She is in so much pain, that she is excited about this surgery and couldn't wait till tomorrow. My DH and I plan to be there, then I will stay with her till she goes to rehab. I will not leave her, as she is hard of hearing. Thank you for all your prayers. I believe even if you read this a few days or even weeks late, God knows our heart
  7. Yes, these are disturbing dreams. Have you asked the Lord for an interpertation? Ask him to give you peace. If there is fear, we know that God is not a God of fear, but of a sound peaceful mind. I will be praying for you and for your dreams. cleanheart
  8. I hope this helps. I Googled "Canning Milk" and got this Mother Earth article. cleanheart CANNING MILK If you loathe having to fork over hard-earned cash for store-bought milk every time your dairy animals enter a dry spell, you'll be glad to know that the solution to that problem is as handy as your regular canning equipment. You see, you can store the fluid protein produced by your cow, goat, or ewe for pennies a quart . . . and then keep the sealed jars on hand for six months or more. THE WHYS AND WHEREFORES You might wonder why anyone would want
  9. CONGRADULATIONS DARLENE!!! We've had bees for years and I remember our 1st robbery. I felt so proud and satisfied with the harvest. I couldn't believe how much honey came from one super. We had a friend who had a 3 frame spinner that spun out the honey. Did you do that? Spin your honey out of the comb? It saves your foundation for the next honey flow. Is there a Bee Club near you? Where in GA do you live? Don't throw any thing away that comes from your hive. Save the propolus, and wax for making soap and lip balms and lotions. I use it all. I'm glad you have support in hel
  10. We live in eastern AL on the border of GA. Near Auburn, AL. In Kutzu country. cleanheart
  12. Hello Friends, I know we've never met, but some of y'all feel like friends. I wanted to post my 100th post in this forum to say "THANK YOU"!!!! Thank you for all the time and wisdom you have shared with how many thousands of people. I think that this web-site is saving a time gone past where women shared everyday with each other as they visited each other, sharing recipes, how to, wisdom, sewing tips, all kinds of information I can't even begin to share here. I especially have benifited from MrsSurvival personally as it has kept me in the right mind set for life and survival. I fir
  13. Hey Rita, YOU MUST PRESSURE CAN THESE!!! My home is Charleston, SC and I grew up with my grandmama,mama and aunts all canning boiled peanut to sell and give to friends. Here is the recipe. ENJOY!!!! Prepare peanuts and brine to same as you do for boiling for immediate use. Pack peanuts into jars to within one-half inch of the top, using equal weights of peanuts and hot brine (212 F). Partically submerge containers in upright positions in boiling water for ten minutes. Seal while hot and process 45 minutes at ten pounds pressure. Cool containers in water, label, and store i
  14. I do too. It's so nice. cleanheart
  15. OH, just reading this makes me mad. They would have arrested me and put me in jail, cause if I was that childs mama, I would have killed him or he would have wished he was dead. :darth duck: :duck 1: :frying pan: Got the message?? cleanheart
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