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  1. Is there an App for scanning books of my personal library? I was wondering if there was an app that one could use to put together a list of books I own? I would like the ability to scan bar codes and possibly put the list into Excel. It would be a benefit for me in many ways.... time saver in entering everything by hand, knowing what I have, and what I want or need. Any experiences would be helpful. Overwhelmed when doing engine searches.
  2. Does anyone have the DVD for World Book Encyclopedia? I have a question - can one print an article off of the DVD? Like a story on rabbits? Could I just print that out for reading? Considering buying a DVD.
  3. I have two such stores about an hour south of me.... one Amish and one English (non-Amish). They have lots of things that are not expired. In fact about all of the edible stuff has time. Even their medications have expirations of 2013 up to 2015. Both have items that are dented and ding... those I'm more cautious of and inspect well. Where I do well is torn bags of dog/cat food and slightly dented cleaning/laundry items. Ironically these two stores are within about 10 miles of each other. Each gets their salvage items from different places... English from Minneapolis and the Amish from Pennsyvanlia. Some of the best deals I have gotten at either was the Amish store have two flats/boxes of wide mouth Ball canning lids for $1.00 per box....yesssiiirrrreee got both boxes. Organic laundry detegrent from New Zealand for $2.00 per box and is the best laundry detegrent I have had... cleans well. Yes, agree... be cautious but I save BIG money with those stores.
  4. Just adding my 2 cents... our friend works for an appliance store. GE has not been honoring their warranties the way they should. The appliance store is not getting reminbruused the way they should for the work they do for customers. So they have not been selling GE due to warranties.
  5. Monarch Wood/Coal Cookstove • I am the 2nd owner of this beauty for over 15 years. • One of the first built after WW2 in Beaver Dam, WI. By Malleable Iron Works Co. • Style # 3559 DFT and serial number 7114. • Cream colored enamel. • Water reservoir, leaks a tad. • Warming oven. • Excellent shape considering its age. • Used it several years. • Wood box is small but can burn coal with no problem. • Located in Central Wisconsin, will not ship due to possible damage so would have to be picked up. • Items on the stove not for sale • Selling due to needing room. • Asking $1800 or best offer
  6. I have used Family Tree Maker since 1999 and have liked it. I now have the 2010 version and still like it but have plenty of questions. I have tried their forum but don't get the results that I like. One of my questions has to deal with facts. Years ago one could put in all types of facts, now I seem to be stuck with just the primary - birth, death, marriage, and etc. Help?
  7. If anyone is interested in dealing... we could do it at the Energy fair in Custer, WI in June.
  8. For Sale: Back Home Magazines Issues 1 – 113. The only issue is #3 which was out of print almost immediately. I didn’t start getting the magazine until year two. One can buy from Back Home directly a photocopy of the #3 issue. http://backhomemagazine.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=BBM&Category_Code=BI8 I will not remove the address labels as I know it will damage the covers (experience). They are in excellent shape, some corners might be a curled a tad from reading. I have a dog in the house so if one has allergies to things like that; this set is not for you. Want $200.00 for the set. Will barter, so throw out what you might have. Shipping weight is 47 pounds, you pay for that. They all fit in a paper box with the lid being raised to accommodate the magazines.
  9. I have been with FTM since 1999.... but I give up. I have read help... posted on the forum for FTM... and I can not master printing pictures with my reports. I have these cool pictures of humans and gravestones and I just don't understand what I am to do. HELP....
  10. Yuppers I am a school janitor and walk all night long - 8 hours. I have tried SAS, New Balance (expensive ones suggested by a good shoe store), Nike, and many other brands. I'm looking for suggestions. Do not need steel toes but would like ones that do not scuff (hate to clean my own marks off the floor). Yes, I'm overweight. Thank you.
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