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  1. I'm not worried about the power going out, we have wood stoves to. There are two stoves on sale right now one is a self cleaning the other isn't. The difference is about $100. The only thing I don't like about the self cleaning one on sale is it's black. lol It might grow on me, but I wanted a white one to brighten the kitchen up. But really the only reason I'll spend the extra money is if they really do bake a lot better. I've never had one before! Cleaning an oven isn't THAT hard if you don't put it off to long. lol Or get your hubby to do it for you.
  2. We are needing to get a new stove soon and hubby was checking out prices yesterday. The appliance store mentioned to him that a self cleaning oven bakes better than a normal oven because it's better insulated. They also said the GE brands were better for canning because they have a tighter spaced coil on the stove burners. The burners I can see that would be logical, although I've never ever had trouble canning on a normal stove. But I've never had a self cleaning oven sooo do they really bake better? I'm tired of buying used stoves and not having them work right after a while. It s
  3. Hi everyone! I've been AWOL from the forums for far to long now. I've missed you all and hope to pop back in more often! We've been very busy getting the gardens in. I'm just about done now. It's been so terribly dry here. Last year we had a drought, next to no snow cover over the winter and hardly any rain this spring. The ground is like dust, down 3 inches. Even the farmers fields are blowing dust everywhere. But it looks like we might get some rain this afternoon. I'm hoping to finish transplanting into my last raised bed before that.
  4. Congrats! Your new home is beautiful, LOVE the kitchen!
  5. I haven't been on in a while. Its been a busy year here. I'm sorry to hear your having trouble with the site. I understand the stress that working the bugs out causes. But I'm sure things will be running the way you want soon.
  6. Yes so true! I use that time to clean up my canning mess in the kitchen.
  7. Ack I knew they redid the design I think the year after I bought mine. I heard there were a little taller and narrower now. You can still get parts for the older design right? Hmm... might need to stock up when I get some $$.
  8. Thanks Violet, I wasn't saying your information was wrong. I'm just saying that NO flat bottomed canners are sold in Canada that I have ever seen. They all have a gently ridged bottom. I looked at the image of the canner on that site, ours don't look quite like that. Know one up here would ever think to no use it on an electric stove. Unless your canners are ridged differently then ours or your electric burners are designed differently, it doesn't make sense to me as why they would say that...
  9. Not trying to argue, just sharing what's worked for us. The only waterbath canners I've ever seen sold in Canada, have ridged bottoms and everyone uses them on electric stoves just fine. I've been canning since I was a child on electric stoves and I've never had one damaged or blew a burner because of using it. They heat up just fine and boil just as well as on my wood stove. I've also used a hot plate before when we moved and didn't have a stove. But I have heard that using them on the glass top stoves could be a problem. My large pressure canner had a note in the info not to use
  10. I have a 22 qt Mirro and love it. I also have a smaller Presto, but can't remember what size it is. Both are great! They are both weight gadged canners, I used to have a Presto with a dial and I couldn't stand it. lol I found it harder to regulate and like that I can be working in the kitchen and hear the canner, rather then constantly checking the dial. I would looove someday to have the big American Harvest though! Another reason I decided to go back to a weighted canner, is in Canada there is no were to have the dial tested.
  11. Sat & Sun I did 19 pints of bread and butter pickles. Yesterday I finished 10 pints of diced tomatoes and 9 quarts of zucchini relish. I'm hoping today to start on huckleberry jam and our volcano pickles.
  12. I'm growing a few new things this year. Okra for one lol, my dear southern friends can't believe we've never had it lol. I'm also trying Asian cucumbers, yellow strawberries, huckleberry. I'm also trying a few different heirloom tomatoes, in addition to our old favorites.
  13. Your greenhouse looks great! It'll be a handy addition for you.
  14. We TRY to prep thinking of other family's being here. We have dear friends that are not able to prep as much as they would like. One of the reasons we harvested 3000 pounds of potatoes last year. I try to store a few clothes on hand in different sizes. This has been a huge help. More then a few times a friend has been over with a child who go sick on them selves. And I had spare clothes etc.
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