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  1. Today I ordered wheat at a Mennonite store and bought cinnamon sticks, pickling spice, canning salt, butter pecan extract and Clear Jel while there. I then went onto SWM and Kroger and got the following: 2 tubes of toothpaste 1 spool of dental floss 2 bottles of dish liquid notebooks, looseleaf paper and pencils some OTC med's puppy and dog supplies powdered milk 10 cans of beef broth 10 cans of tuna in oil various other canned items, a few that I wanted to try lots of potato's, carrots, onions, celery for canning london broil was on sale for $1.99lb so I bought several lbs of that, also for canning shampoo I'm sure there's more but that's all my tired brain can remember right now LOL!
  2. Quilty~ I've been worried about you too since I haven't saw you posting here or other places that we're both members of. Prayers going up for you that the problem will be found and resolved soon.
  3. My heart and prayers are with you all (((Unikemom)))
  4. Hello friend! Dianna and I also know each other from other boards.
  5. We bought one last year and it's great!!! Our's was in the back of our SUV when we went on vacation last summer. It gets HOT in there when it's parked and the ice held up really well. Not sure now for how many days but there was 4 of us constantly getting things out of it so that would make a difference. We liked this cooler so well that I went to get another larger one and Wal-Mart only had another brand (Igloo) that was supposed to be like the Coleman, NOT! I took it back for a refund. We put already cooled drinks in it and it wasn't even opened until the end of the day and almost all the ice had already melted. We did find a larger Coleman extreme in East TN last fall and bought it.
  6. Wow Darlene that's alot of beef!!! I canned my ground beef up today and had 24 pints and 1 1/2 pint. It looks really good and I'll try out a jar maybe later in the week. I added 1/4 tsp. of salt, not wanting to get it too salty.
  7. Thanks for the info Darlene, yes I forgot to mention that I would add some salt. Prayers for your son going up.
  8. Nana~ Sounds like you have been a busy lady! Could you tell me how you can your ground beef? I just bought some with the intention of canning. I've canned meats before (I've beeen doing lots of chicken lately) but I've never done ground beef. I was thinking I would brown, drain, rinse in hot water to help remove as much fat as possible then cover in boiling water and process?! Does that sound about right?
  9. Quilty~ I'm so glad you are okay. I've been thinking about you and wondered how you fared in the awful weather. It got bad here in Benton county too, but not as hard hit as Henry county. We had a close call too, but our place was spared other than some downed trees. I hope the clean up goes quick and you have power and phone back by now.
  10. Hello everyone! I've been away for quite awhile after having surgery earlier this year but wanted to check back in with y'all. I've got chicken backs cooking and I'll be canning broth this weekend. It's smells so good in here right now!
  11. Thanks for the link westbrook. I've been wanting to find directions for making those.
  12. I've been cleaning my fridge today (still need to do the shelves in the door) and deciding on what needs to be used up fast. Started dinner (using up some of those items) and have a peach cobbler in the oven, hubby should be a happy man. DD2 took our tree down a few nights ago and got the rest of the decorations put away. It's nice to have a little more room in the LR. It's warmed up and the snow is melting nicely. Hoping in the next day or so the roads will finally be clear. I'm pretty much a "homebody" but even I like to get out now and then LOL!
  13. Umm, other than a station out of Paris I don't know. You could always called the Sheriff's Dept. and they could tell you or where to find out. DH and youngest DD went to town this morning, they made it fine but did have to take it easy. He starts midnights tonight so he wanted to get an idea on road condition's. Although since he'll be going in the opposite direction I don't know how that helped LOL! I'm not sure how long it will stay around but it sure is a mess here. I wouldn't mind just snow, but we started out with freezing rain, then lots and lots of sleet, then snow on top of that.
  14. How did you make it through the storm? Did you lose power? Our lights started flickering but never went out, thank goodness.
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